Analog/Digital Electronic Hardware Specialist - Fabric Care
Full Time
Porcia, Italy

Electronic Specialist - Fabric Care

Apply technology solutions to develop new products/modules/systems and current product improvements by generation, evaluation, analysis and development of design concepts.

Key responsibilities:
• Design and develop analog and digital electronic hardware (with emphasis on analog) to make sensor measurements and control actuations for electro-mechanical systems. The emphasis for this job is on analog hardware domain vs. digital.
• Apply signal processing principles and methods to interface, analyze data and solve problems in areas typical of home appliances such as pressure, temperature, position, acceleration, ...
• Prototyping of new electronic and electrical components and systems taking care of its design and development (technical specification, functionality, reliability, manufacturability, safety etc.)
• Analyze data acquired from Appliances platforms, using statistical analysis methodologies.
• Interface on a technical level with a variety of global academic institutions, suppliers and professional organizations.
• Operate, maintain and troubleshoot existing high level controlling and acquisition systems based on NationaI Instruments and customized hardware.
• Support smooth transfer of new concepts and modules to PAGCs, GTD, Labs
• Stay updated on emerging trends/technologies that can be successfully applicated to Washing Machines and Dryers through papers, literature, patents; attend conferences and seminars when applicable.
• Contribute to the definition of the Technology Roadmap for electronics and sensors in medium-long term timescale.

Minimum Qualification

Key functional qualifications:
• Electronical Engineering
• IT Skills: proficiency use of Orcad Pspice, Simulink. Knowledge of Labview is a plus.
• Strong analytical skills.
• Critical Thinking - Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.
• Solid analog domain knowledge.
• Ability to work in interdisciplinary team.
• English

Generic qualifications:
• Interpersonal skill

Seniority Levels:
• Specialist, Level 1-2