Application Analyst - Teamcenter
Continuous Improvement
Full Time
Springfield, Tennessee


  • Analyze business and other data processing problems to develop, implement and improve computer systems, specifically Teamcenter-based computer solutions. 
  • Analyze user requirements, procedures, and problems to automate and improve existing Teamcenter systems/integrations and review computer system capabilities, workflow, and scheduling limitations. 
  • Analyze commercially available Teamcenter software, and recommend modifications, new equipment or software packages. 
  • Serve as part of the team that supports Electrolux Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and integrated applications throughout North America, coordinating and linking Teamcenter systems within Electrolux to increase compatibility so information can be shared.
  • Test, maintain, and monitor Teamcenter computer systems, including coordinating Teamcenter installation/administration activities and maintaining/supporting Teamcenter 2-Tier and 4-Tier architecture.  
  • Expand/modify Teamcenter application to serve new purposes/improve workflow, including providing integration support for CATIA – Teamcenter, Teamcenter – NX CAD, and Teamcenter Mechatronics – Cadence Orcad. 
  • Use the computer to analyze/solve business problems, such as Manufacturing and Engineering Structure Build and Workflow Audit Reports, generating Teamcenter reports per business requirements.
  • Confer with clients regarding the nature of the information processing needs that Teamcenter is to address, and consult with management to ensure agreement on Teamcenter applications and integrations.
  • Develop, document and revise Teamcenter Data Model design/test procedures and quality standards, including writing scripts to automate Teamcenter configuration. 
  • Train users to work with Teamcenter and integrations and provide assistance on problems with Teamcenter such as Change Management (CM), Workflows, Product Structure Manager (PSM), Bill Of Materials (BOM), Variants, Access Control Lists (ACL), Security Model, Organization, Reports, Datasets, Projects, Revision Rules, Classification Manager, Dispatcher Service, Query, and others, troubleshooting any malfunctions to restore normal functioning.
  • Assess the usefulness of pre-developed Teamcenter application packages and Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) functionalities and adapt them to a user environment.
  • Define the goals of the system and devise flow charts and diagrams describing logical operational steps of Teamcenter. 
  • Use programming languages/tools (C++, Java, HTML, XML, XSL, Windows Script, MS Office, Visual Basic Applications) as well as client and server applications development processes and multimedia/Internet technology, to configure and maintain Teamcenter server/client solutions.
  • Work closely with Solution Architects/Development Team on systems projects, such as implementing the technical solution for requirements, and coordinate with offshore support/implementation associates.
  • Read manuals and refer to Siemens Global Technical Access Center (GTAC) technical reports to develop programs that meet user requirements. 
  • Determine software/hardware needed to set up/alter Teamcenter system, including defining IPS mapping specification files for Teamcenter data migration and migrating data from legacy SmarTeam system into Teamcenter Production environment.
  • Provide production support to Teamcenter Rich Client, Citrix Client, Web Client and Active Work Space (AWS) systems.

Minimum Qualification


  • Candidate must have a Bachelor’s or foreign equivalent degree in Electronic Engineering or related engineering degree and minimum five years’ experience analyzing business problems to develop Teamcenter-based computer solutions.


  • Must have experience:  testing and maintaining Teamcenter computer systems, including coordinating Teamcenter installation/administration and maintaining Teamcenter 2-Tier/4-Tier architecture; expanding/modifying Teamcenter application to serve new purposes, providing integration support for CATIA – Teamcenter and Teamcenter – NX CAD, and migrating data from legacy systems; training users to work with Teamcenter, providing assistance on problems with Change Management, Workflows, Product Structure Manager, Access Control Lists, Security Model, Reports, Datasets, and Dispatcher Service; developing and documenting Teamcenter Data Model design, and providing production support to Teamcenter Rich Client systems; and using programming languages/tools including C++, Java, HTML, XML, XSL, and Visual Basic Applications, to configure/maintain Teamcenter server/client solutions.


  • English