AR Billing and Credit Support Clerk
Full Time

This is a full time role to monitor and control the Billing process, held order tasks and credit limit activities. 

The person is responsible for solving billing process errors (missing accounts, missing pricing conditions etc) to ensure everything is billed on time, completely and correctly. 
It requires strict deadlines in terms of held orders process and managing credit limit requests .


• Education: Finance and Accounting or any related. 
• Preferred Career Experience: min 1 year of  working experience in finance and accounting activities (accounting transactional processes desirable)
• Good knowledge of accounting policies and principles, activities and processes, awareness of internal and external business environment.

Competences needed:

• Very good command of English, another language would be an asset
• MS Office, SAP is desirable. 
• Good computer literacy. 
• Very good Excel skills. 
• Communication skills, problem solving skills, planning and organising skills, continuous improvement and result orientated, communicative, team player. 
• Analytical skills.

Key Operational Responsabilities:

• Monitoring the transactions due for billing but pending to be billed for any reason: once detected the reason, it is needed to take the needed actions, directly or contacting the possible responsible person in other area (pricing errors, sales orders blocked for billing etc). 
• Monitoring billing documents not recognized in Finance due to any error (period close, missed information, document is incomplete, GL account is not defined, profit center error etc). 
• Providing answers to customers and/or served units related to billing process and credit management.
• Analysing orders placed on credit hold, liaising with Local Credit Manager to obtain authorized approval to release the order
• Managing credit limit requests and close cooperation with the business.