Consumer Insight and Testing Specialist
Full Time
Susegana, Italy

Consumer Insight and Standard Testing Specialist


To support the development of best in class products according to consumer magazines in EMEA Food Preservation and to guarantee alignment of the testing procedures with standards, legislation and their evolution. 


• Technical Engineering Degree, mandatory.
• 3 years experience in home appliances, preferably with a background in standardization bodies activities and consumer magazines requirements.


• To take all initiatives necessary to improve the ratings of the Food Preservation products. 
• Define and drive processes and projects for continuous consumer rating improvement.
• To monitor the results achieved and make a detailed technical analysis to understand strengths and weakness of our products;
• Deep understanding of the test methods used for the ratings, collect all methods used and maintain updated;
• To train the Laboratories on the methods used for the ratings and standard testing methodologies;
• Create a network with European and Global performance laboratories with the target to align methods and keep updated
• To guarantee alignment of the testing procedures with standards, legislation, directives in a matter of eco-design and evolution.
• Manage the future vision of the standards, inform organization about new coming standards and legislations with appropriate documentation and specific meetings;
• To be responsible of the internal test manuals and guidelines related with the role of the position.
• To create networking & relations with Consumer Organizations and Magazines with periodical visits, exchange of information, presentation of new products.


• Capability to drive product evolution in the fields of performance standards, energy labels legislations global and consumer requirements;
• Knowledge of consumer rating network;
• Plans the actions needed to achieve the targets.
• Deep technical knowledge of product performance measurement.
• Development processes
• Proficiency Program Management
• Analytical skills;
• Strong Influencing and communication capabilities
• Presentation skills

Minimum Qualification