Customer Service Administrator
Consumer & Customer Care
Full Time
Augusta, Georgia

The Customer Service Administrator is responsible for supporting lifetime brand engagement with both U.S and Canadian Electrolux consumers. Through multi-channel communications, agents must deliver excellent customer service by providing warranty information and handling Extended Service Agreements, parts and products; to include approval of appliance replacements. Other tasks they are required to perform include analyzing all contracts and investments of the company, checking for gaps that may result in a financial loss, and contribute to process improvements. Additional responsibilities include: reviewing and managing unapplied cash records, placing follow-up calls to the consumer to provide resolution and identifying coaching needs. Administrator’s duties also include assisting with after sale inquiries and disputes, promptly answering all correspondence, including commission reporting; and provide immediate live Skype assistance for escalated consumers, processing Non-Sufficient Funds (NFS) checks, posting ESA contract payments and refunding overpayments, processing contract refunds, transferring ESA contracts, correcting SAP accounts and complaints, correcting ESA contracts dates and model/serial numbers. Therefore, this role must demonstrate tact, sensitivity and professionalism.  


  • Manage consumer interactions professionally, efficiently and with good communication skills.
  • Provide support for extended service agreements pertaining to cancellations, duplicate payments, payment transfers and refunds.
  • Leverage superior product and policy knowledge and resources to resolve consumer inquiries. 
  • Analyze consumer records for replacements request. 
  • Perform revenue reconciliation for unapplied cash payments to ESA contracts
  • Oversee ESA financial audits and implement recommendations from audit.
  • Follow up with consumers up on past due and insufficient fund payments.
  • Review and process credit card disputes from financial institutions in the US and Canada.
  • Submit records of account reconciliations to management as stipulated.
  • Evaluate and manage sales information for CEC commission reporting.
  • Process and refund part, accessory and ESA orders submitted via various sales channels.
  • Providing live Skype assistance as it pertains to escalated consumer inquiries. 
  • Process service requests, place follow-up calls to consumers for resolution and respond to emails. 
  • Manage goodwill and accuracy report audits for executive support. 
  • Adhere to published policies and procedures and ensure that all consumer interactions are properly documented.
  • Liaise with other financial delegates and senior management in the company.
  • Drive efficiency and change through continuous improvement – personal and team.

Minimum Qualification

  • Associates degree in accounting, finance, business, economics, or related field from an accredited    institution of higher education
  • Minimum of two years’ experience and favorable business references are sufficient to secure a position in the field
  • High School diploma or equivalent required
  • Minimum 1-year experience in consumer service or administration 


  • Excellent communication skills - verbal, written and digital (email, chat, text)
  • Superior typing skills (speed & accuracy) and proficiency with Microsoft Office applications
  • Demonstrated customer obsession resulting in the ability to meet and exceed consumer needs
  • Pro-active problem-solving skills. Ability to quickly research consumer questions across various information sources (including websites, technical guides)
  • Successfully navigates through ambiguity and change
  • Ability to work well within team environment
  • Career ambitious
  • Strong ability to multi-task
  • Experience with SAP CRM, Service Power, REX, IPL, Avaya phone systems a plus