Demand planner
Full Time

Demand Planning Specialist


Establishing the best possible Demand plan to assure high fulfilment rate in deliveries to our customers (right product at the right time) while keeping supply costs within limits (inventory, inventory quality, transportation).
Key responsibilities:

• Collect demand information in the Sales Company.
• Update systems with planning data.
• Control start/stop dates of PNCs.
• Setting of all parameters in the Supply Chain systems.
• Follow-up phase in/out plans within Sales Company in collaboration of Sales/Product Lines/Suppliers.
• Proactively support IBP process
• Continuous improvement approach
• Connect to suppliers and Logistic to ensure plans feasibility.
• Monitor incoming/outgoing flows.
• Monitor stocks levels and quality.
• Ensure product life cycle statuses are reflecting reality in all systems.
• Ensure relevant demand flow issues are communicated to the organisation.


• College/ University Education
• Experience in demand planning or logistics, preferably in international company
• Strong analytical skills
• Good communication skills
• SAP APO/SNP big advantage
• Good problem solving skills
• Teamplayer
• Business acumen
• Czech – native
• English – very good