Digital Quality Project Leader
Project Management
Full Time
Location free

Job Purpose

The digitalization and the changed buying behavior of consumers has put marketing departments under pressure. Quality department, as well all other functions in the Company have evolved a lot, from a traditional focus on defectiveness rate to a more integrated approach to the connected consumer experience. The new approach in which digital is a key driver, has to continue to evolve in order to be able to meet those continuous challenges. In this challenging context we are looking for a Digital Transformation project leader.
Are you a passionate, enthusiastic, digital-native person who wants to make a change? Do you have what it takes to champion these digital initiatives and tangibly contribute to shaping the future of Electrolux? 

Job Duties 
• Design, plan and deliver a digital transformation program according the overall quality strategy
• Embeds digital thinking across Quality organization that allows for nimble and agile responses to consumer needs.
• Scout new digital solutions by enabling external cross collaborations with startups and digital ventures.
• Ensure the people impacts are well understood and effective change management plans and practices are in place and effectively implemented to enable the successful and sustainable delivery of the digital transformation.
• Responsible for managing the program’s budget on behalf of sponsor, monitoring expenditure and costs against delivered and realised benefits as the program progresses.

Minimum Qualification

Skills required:

• being digital savvy, open-minded, and passionate, with strong communication and inter-personal skills
• managing change and volatility in digital speed. You are willing to roll up the sleeves and get things done even with limited/unclear inputs, and not drown in analysis-paralysis
• your work style – being self-driven and independent. Your entrepreneurial mindset makes you productive with minimal supervision, and you love to pick up challenges without waiting to be asked
• your attitude – a desire to accomplish, succeed, and grow both professionally and personally