Electrical Component Developer
Full Time
Porcia, Italy

Position description:
We are looking for an Electrical Engineer to work in the Global Technology Domain, within R&D Dish Care, specifically, he’ll be part of the Electrical Component team, located in Porcia (PN), Italy.

The Electrical Component team is in charge to develop and maintain the electrical components and sensors used in the Dish Care Product Line in order to support the Electrolux strategy, generation plan projects, cost-out and quality activities.

The exciting thing about this role, besides the development and maintenance of electrical components for Dishwasher appliances, is the international environment. As Electrical Components Engineer you will work closely with colleagues from all over the world, get to understand different realities, cultures, and people, as well as be part of an open-minded team, where creativity is welcome and innovation is the middle name.

The Electrical Components engineer has to collect all requirements coming from other company departments (other R&D dep., Product Line, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Quality, etc.) to develop the most suitable component to meet such requirements.

Key operational responsibilities:
- Electronic hardware and algorithm interfaces in order to develop sensors/actuators applied to a dishwasher
- Pre-compliance tests
- Design and maintenance of electrical components including all the necessary documentation (i.e. schematics, BOM, …)
- Scouting of new technologies
- Measure acquisition analysis, testing, and parameterization
- Preparation of drawing and documentation
- Safety/Testing/Approval plan definition
- Cost and Quality activities support
- Supplier management during development
- Supplier selection support to purchasing

- Bachelor degree in electrical/electronic

Technical skills:
- Proven knowledge of Electronic/Electrical design
- Good knowledge of algorithms for signal processing
- Proven knowledge of laboratory test equipment
- A deep knowledge of physical phenomena 
- Basic Knowledge of DSP / Micro Controller, and LabVIEW programming
- Basic knowledge of EMC topics
- Matlab/Simulink knowledge is a plus
- Catia 3D knowledge is a plus
- Orcad knowledge is a plus
- Dishwasher functionalities knowledge is a plus

Previous experiences in the similar position will be appreciated.

Soft competencies:
- Open-minded
- Team oriented  
- Good communication skills  
- Proactive takes initiatives
- Creative
- Problem-solving and critical thinking
- Project management
- Curiosity on innovative technical approach

Required languages:
- English
- Italian