EMEA Time & Methods Manufacturing Engineer Project Manager
Project Management
Full Time

EMEA Time & Methods Manufacturing Engineer Project Manager 

You will join the EMEA manufacturing engineering team and will work across our EMEA Plants - food preparation, food preservation, fabric care, dish care and water care

Your main objectives will be:
1. Definition of the Sector Standards for the assembly process equipment and the work analysis time and methods. You will also drive the implementation across the EMEA plants.

2. Continuous Improvement of current processes: development the implementation across the organization to sustain the operational excellence in terms of safety, quality, productivity, investment efficiency, lead time and environment.

3. Best Industrialization of new products & processes: realize best technological process through innovation and define technical standards for industrializing new products and developing current manufacturing processes shaping the industrial strategies and manufacturing set-up.

A typical day at work
• Collection, analysis and evaluation of current time and methods data in EMEA plants
• Elaboration and monitoring of collected data to identify the correct procedures for production processes improvement
• Monitor assembly technological evolutions through continuous technological benchmark 
• Study the reduction of working time and costs
• Define standard specification for tooling/equipment 
• Drive Core Technologies Innovation roadmap with focus on assembly process, time and methods
• Organize intervention plans and new strategies in order to optimize working methods
• Confirm design feasibility and provide alternative best cost solutions for new products and modules 
• Share and consolidate Best Practices and standard process solutions
• Support local Plant Process Engineering developing new product industrialization project or re-engineering of existing processes according to Early Equipment Management/Early Product Management methods 
• Support Plant Process Developer/Integrator and cross-functional industrialization team during process design reviews 
• Ensure implementation of standardized procedures in EMEA plants

Competencies needed 
Industrial Engineering experience including work and ergonomic analysis on manufacturing assembly processes

Must have knowledge of assembly process engineering, time & methods such as: 

• Minimum 5 years of experience in manufacturing, process engineering or lean manufacturing
• Material Flow and Lean principles: can perform flow study throughout the process (within the Plant) including line-side display, rack study, and density optimization. Is able to complete the study up to the Operator interface with parts/modules and the application of ergonomic assist devices.  
• Able to define and design assembly method.
• Capacity to develop and evaluate cycle-time also starting from non-physical models (Digital Manufacturing and process simulation), manpower efficiencies, walk-time, man/machine elements to ensure optimization of cost, investment and throughput. 
• Capacity to assign timing to manpower operations based on cycle description during the engineering phase and the Chronometric approach with a capability to detect a correct evaluation of pace.
• Capacity to realize a line balancing and study optimal saturation of production resources for various scenarios of productivity
• Basic knowledge of ergonomics analysis methods to be applied to the critical assembly process workstations 
• Able to design and study error-proofing processes, tooling, and equipment. 
• Ability to work in inter-functional and international team 
• Good influencing and networking skills
• Team player
• Attention to the details
• Available to travel at EMEA level
• Fluent English