Hydraulic Development
Full Time

• To apply technology solutions to develop new products/modules/systems and current product improvements by generation, evaluation, analysis and development of design concepts. 

Key responsibilities:
• Create and validate hydraulic components / system taking care of its design and development (technical specification, functionality, reliability, manufacturability, safety etc.)
• Drive the execution of hydraulic development project/activities 
• Develop detailed hydraulic design and support test specifications to product level validation
• Create hydraulic design options to meet design specifications, manufacturing processes and assembly requirements
• Recommend modifications based on prototype testing to validate parts based on DFMA, DFC, DFQ, …
• Outline designs based on technical specifications and plan for production process implication
• In cooperation with the laboratories, test and evaluate hydraulic designs and concepts to meet the specified functionality/features, quality and cost targets
• Develop designs & system and validate through calculation / simulation modelling (CAE, MBD) and prototype/experimental testing
• In line with standardization & modularization guideline participate in system/module/platform/architecture definition and its reviews 
• Participate in supplier evaluation and selection 
• Monitor and commission changes to plant and systems (PLM, …) and support part/product approval 
• Supply all technical input for product literature, BOM, labels, technical manuals, etc.  
• In case of technical team/project leadership:
- direct/supervises the work of other staff members
- organize team to reach target
- lead major project or initiative
- contributes to the development of the functional strategies
- ensure project technical feasibility and system integration 
- support project team timing, cost, investment, quality, performance according to project specification and target
- support project leader about technical terms
- support and monitor on project expenses and project financial item
- ensure  strong relationship with all functions in the organization 
- ensure proper external networking

Key functional qualifications:
• Mechanical Engineering
• Project/Program Management
• Project Management skills
• Analytical thinking
• IT Skills
• Advanced Prototype Building
• Drafting/Designing & Simulation performances
• Resilience 

Generic qualifications:
• Operational Performance                        
• Business Acumen
• Interpersonal skills
• Strategic Leadership
• Positive Thinking
• Resilience