Material Planner - Import part
Supply Chain
Full Time
Rayong, Thailand

   A material planner-Import is responsible for buying import components from selected oversea suppliers. The components that they buy may include, for example: chemical parts, electrical parts and mechanical parts.

   These have to be bought at the right price, quality and quantity, and at the right time, to meet the needs of the customer. To do this successfully, planners have to understand the needs of the customer and they will spend the majority of their time in supplier performance as well as stock value control. 

   The work of material planner may involve:

- Planning and buying components at the right price, quality and quantity and at the right time.

- Managing relationships with existing suppliers.

- Negotiating contracts with suppliers to cover quality, quantity and delivery.

- Keeping up to date with production plan and reacting to changes in demand.

- Monitoring stock value stock turn day and outstanding orders.

- Liaising with colleagues in discrepancy of shipping/packing and non-conforming parts to suppliers.  

- Writing reports and attending meetings with supervisors.

- Optimizing transportation cost and analyzing freight cost.

- Planning and buying components follow ECN&ECR project.

Minimum Qualification

- Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Logistics and or other related fields.

- 2-3 years working experience in production and materials planning.

- Have strong import/export business skills and be commercially aware.

- Have good ideas and be creative and well organized.

- Be able to make decisions quickly and sometimes under pressure.

- Be able to cope with pressure - there is a high level of responsibility which can bring stress.

- Have determination and be good at working in a team.

- Have an excellent understanding and knowledge of the components being purchased.

- Have excellent problem-solving, negotiation and English communication skills.