Mechanical Engineer & CAE PAGC TD E&R
Full Time
Porcia, Italy

Drive innovation applying to your projects current state of the art in mechanical design

We are looking for a Mechanical Engineer & CAE PAGC TD E&R to join our R&D team in Porcia in order to drive mechanical design parts of components of tumble dryer and to execute CAE FEM mechanical analysis.  
Your focus will be to
• Drive the design of product/module architectures and related technologies in line with the generation plan.
• Create and validate new product architectures/modules/ components/systems taking care of their design and development (technical specification, functionality, reliability, manufacturability, safety etc.).
• Robust design tools using (CAD, CAE-FEM, FMEA, DFMA, tolerances analysis etc.).
• Develop innovative products and production methods by covering different activities from theoretical to experimental analysis, prototype creation in workshop, performance testing, and concept verification.
• Run CAE activities from draft analysis to experimental verification.
• Perform CAE modelling of mechanical structure.

• Team player. In this role cross-functional collaboration is everything, so you should like to work in groups as well as on your own.
• Proactive. You’re not just solving the tasks you are given, you always think ahead.
• Good listener and communicator. You will become the spider in the web and work with other Electrolux departments on a daily basis – therefore these attributes are key for making projects run smoothly.
• Curious. You have an endless desire to always improve projects and to get better at what you do.

Education & experience
• Mechanical Engineering Degree
• Drafting and Simulation Performance
• IT skills (CAD <Catia V5 is preferred>, CAE-FEM <Ansys is preferred>, PLM <Teamcenter is preferred>)
• Project/Program Management background is a plus
• Experience in White Goods / Automotive / Mass Production Market Segments is preferred
• Manufacturing/Engineering process knowledge is a plus, especially in sheet metal design/forming in mass production

• Italian and English

Please kindly submit your CV in English