Operations Intelligence Analyst - PMO
Project Management
Full Time
Curitiba, Brazil

  • This person will monitor the execution of projects of Industrial Operations in Latin America, supporting project leaders and providing support in controlling resources, costs, investments and project methodology (PMO), ensuring the teams adhere to Agile practices (Scrum), culture, values and that they understand the framework’s theory, practices and rules.


  • Create and maintain Project performance indicators;Monitor and control;
  • Project performance and reporting status to top management;
  • Implement and operate project information systems;
  • Develop and maintain a strategic project framework (Project scoreboard);
  • Promote project management within the organization;
  • Participate in strategic planning;Provide training for Project Managers;
  • Support the team in the elaboration of cost, time and saving estimates for the projects;
  • Manage Project documentation files / collections;
  • Monitor the allocation of resources between projects;
  • Control the investments planned and realized in the projects, forecast investments for future Projects during budget reviews;
  • Provides leadership in the adoption of Agile practices, culture and values by teams across a portfolio of projectsSecures and promotes the Scrum framework, tools and practices;
  • Facilitates Scrum events as requested or needed;
  • Assists the team during the framing phase of the product development in order to maximize the value creation.

Minimum Qualification

  • Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Administration or equivalent;


  • Experience in project management methodology (desirable PMP certification);
  • Proven experience in Agile project using Scrum (Knowledge and understanding of the Agile Manifesto and Agile methodologies, from a theoretical and a practical standpoint)
  • Microsoft Office advanced (Mainly Excel and Sharepoint);
  • Enjoys working with people (facilitating and collaborating)
  • Communicative and analytical, attitude of empowerment and team building
  • Knowledge of Kanban, Lean Engineering and Lean Startup are highly appreciated


  • English advanced
  • Spanish highly desirable.

"It is the responsibility of the selected candidate, expenses related to accommodation and change in cases of approval in internal selection process in other locations. The Transfer Policy will be applied when the transfer happens at the request of the company. "​