Assembly Area Manager Dishcare
Industrial Operations
Full Time
Solaro, Italy

Drive efficiency in our Solaro assembly line to shape living for the better.

Assembly Area Manager Dishcare – Electrolux Solaro Plant

At our Solaro plant, where we work hard to make your life easier and amazing dish-care equipment comes to life, a great opportunity is available for an Assembly Area Manager to join us on our journey. 
In a fast-paced and ever-changing environment where, no matter what unexpected events may occur, the gearwheel needs to continue do its job and your role, in making sure it is constantly oiled, it is simply crucial. 

Role’s objectives

The assembly department of Solaro is the biggest area of the plant. As Assembly Area Manager, you will make sure that more than 400 people receive clear guidance and can contribute to our purpose to shape living for the better in a healthy and safe environment. As part of the Management team, your decisions and suggestions will be strategic. The business will move forward thanks to how well you managed to synchronize your team goals and activities with other departments.  

Key Operational Responsibilities
• Coordinate all activities related to the proper conduct of assembly process
• Plan operative production 
• Manage your team and plan resources based on production plans
• Ensure efficient and economical use of time working people, machinery equipment and materials
• Coordinate and timely execute production tasks in accordance with quality standards
• Reduce the level of production wastes and implement corrective actions, to improve the quality of products
• Introducing prevention actions breakdowns of machinery and equipment, ensuring continuity of production
• Supervise work discipline and create a culture of safety work

Communicative. You can communicate plans and articulate your ideas with colleagues at all levels.
Team player. You nurture and develop the relationships that implement innovation. 
Analytical. With an eye for detail and the ability to interpret complex data, you can also translate this into meaningful, useful information that informs decision-making.
A leader. You have a vision and a purpose, and you can inspire and influence others to not only share it but apply their abilities to achieving it.
Problem-solver & resilient. You see challenges as opportunities and chances to make things even better than before.


•Degree in Engineering or relevant
•Lean/ continuous improvement mindset
•Minimum 3 years of experience in manufacturing environment
•Experience in managing a blue collars team
•Experience in dealing with Unions would be highly appreciated
•Fluent in English