Business Controller
Full Time
South Africa

Your Role

The role will have a diversived activities across operation, sales, manufacturing and holding company.  The role will be responsible for Controlling Function, which includes Sales Controlling, Consumer Service Controlling and Industrial Operations Controlling.  He/she will be responsible for supporting that the business is run in a profitable and sustainable way in Electrolux SA. The Business Controller will contribute to the continued development of this key function in the company. The position will give a good opportunity for growth and development within the profession, as well as possibility to build a large network in the organization. The Business Controller is accountable for the Controlling and Business Parterning of the company, including the development/roll out of a financial and operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results. The Business Controller shall work closely with the Holding function to ensure the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the company are aligned to Electrolux Group Policies and Internal Control Systems.


A Typical Day

·        Controlling Function

-        Establish Electrolux Controlling function and disciplines across sales, consumer service and industrial operation

-        Develop controlling staff in their understanding and proficiency of Electrolux reporting and controlling requirements

·        Business Partnering, Reporting and Analysis:

-        Preparation of timely and accurate financial reports to the management, MEA Cluster and APAC Sector

-        Supporting business understanding and drive application of Electrolux key financial and measurement KPI and modelling across sales, operations and factory.

-        Support business opportunities through analysis and measurement of Volume Price Mix levers and factory DM, DL, fix and variable variances.

-        Analysis and communication of financial performance, implications, recommendations

-        Pricing and cost analysis – impact on volumes and margins

-        Profitability analysis of customer / channel and product

-        Cost control and return on investment analysis

-        Business case, Investments and product launch financial modelling and analysis

-        Drive, monitor and report on continuous improvement initiatives

-        Work closely with the Finance Teams within the Cluster, R&D, Sales Divisions and Product Lines Pricing to ensure information flow and delivery of targets for the P&L

-        Monitor and report on NOWC, and provide management with analysis and recommendation for NOWC improvement.

-        Close support to management in the preparation and presentation of various business and financial information to MEA Cluster, APAC Sector and Board committees.

·        Planning and Forecasting:

-        Provide annual budgets, monthly forecasts and business analyses (profitability per channel/product/market ect) as required.

-        “Closing the Gap” activities regarding the business financial targets. Exploring all alternatives and making proposals

·        Central Finance:

-        Ensure that the financial reporting requested by Group functions is fulfilled, insofar as it relates to the CHO Functions (reporting for holding companies, local consolidation, where applicable etc.).

-        Support of Management         Assurance       &   Special   Assignment (MA&SA) which is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the external audit process for the Group.

-        Upon request from MA&SA, annually provide input on external audit scope and fees.

-        Locally coordinate requests for additional audit or non-audit services, beyond the centrally coordinated Group and statutory audit activities, from the external auditors, and obtain pre-approval from the Audit Committee of AB Electrolux (Audit Committee) before work is started via the request form submitted to MA&SA. For tax services, Global Tax & Holding must review and approve before the request is submitted to MA&SA. The main objectives of the pre-approval process are:

-        To ensure that all audit and non-audit assignments exceeding SEK l Ok performed by the external auditors are approved by the Audit Committee,

-        To ensure that the accumulated cost of the non-audit assignments does not exceed the limit set by the Audit Committee expressed as a percentage of the total annual audit fee at Group level, and

-        To ensure that the agreed independence requirements are adhered to for every assignment.

-        Upon request from MA&SA, annually provide feedback on the performance of the external auditor for reporting to the Audit Committee.

-        Identify any risk areas related to the above and notify MA&SA and RAO

·        Tax filing and Compliance

-        Keep CID and other company register systems as the case may be, continuously updated with the country/territory specific information.

-        Ensure that the business in the respective country is compliant with the Electrolux Group Tax Policy and the Electrolux corporate social responsibility. The status shall be reported on an annual basis upon request by the Head of Global Tax & Holding.

-        Identify any risk areas related to the above and notify Head of Global Tax & Holding and RAO.

·        Treasury

-        Ensure compliance with the "Electrolux Treasury Policy to the Sectors".

-        Identify any risk areas related to the above and notify Group Treasury and RAO.

·        Country GSSO Management:

-        Monitoring coaching and supporting the local GSSO team to cooperate efficiently and effectively to meet or exceed agreed service levels

-        Country/Holding Central Controlling and Reporting; maintaining bridge/reconciliation with Statutory Reporting and managing key items for both Group and Statutory ledgers (e.g. provisions); coordination at country level for common accounting issues/topics

·        Internal Control

-        Ensure all internal controls are in place (ECS) and compliance with group accounting manual.

·        Company secretariat and compliance

-        Make sure that the board(s) has (ve) approved and issued Power of Attorneys where required, and that these are up to date and accurate, and that the powers granted are in accordance with Group Policies.

-        Make sure company secretarial work is correctly and accurately carried out with all legal books kept up to date. Make sure all local statutory reports are filed. Make sure the legal entities meet all local laws and regulations.

-        Ensure that any other company secretarial tasks required by local laws are fulfilled.

-        Inform the RAO when a change of board members in a legal entity in the country/territory is required or suggested. The RAO is responsible for informing the Corporate Legal Department.

-        Ensure that company files are kept for a sufficient period of time given local laws, but at least for ten years.

-        Identify any risk areas related to the above and notify RAO.

·        Policy coordination

-        Be the focal point in the country for interpretation of Group policies. Refer to the relevant Group staff when needed. Report identified defaults of compliance to RAO and/or as otherwise may be required under relevant Group policies.

-        Oversee the provision of pension schemes in each country to check compliance with the law and relevant Group policies. Where needed, carry out risk assessments on the running and funding of any schemes in the country.

-        Act as contact person for updating the Group's database for crisis management.

-        Identify any risk areas related to the above and notify RAO.

·        Project work and other activities

-        Carry out project work in agreement with Group Staff, MEA Cluster  and/or Sector Management if so requested. For example M&A projects.

-        Report to Head of Global Tax & Holding and RAO on any concerns or issues relevant to.


Who You Are

·        Education : Qualified Chartered Accountant (BCom Accounting)

·        Relevant professional qualification in finance and accounting

·        IT knowledge: Oracle, MS Office

·        Strong communication skills and able to engage people of all levels

·        Problem resolving orientated, analytical and conceptual thinking capabilities Leadership skills and Business Acumen

·        English.

·        Minimum of 10-12 years of progressive experience in Electrolux

·        Qualified Chartered Accountant

·        CPA credentials and/or Masters' degree a plus


Core Competencies

·        Both reactive and proactive, you work efficiently and flexibly to deliver results.

·        With an eye for detail and the ability to interpret complex data, you can also translate this into meaningful, useful information that informs decision-making.

·        You build trust, good working relationships and communicate effectively with your colleagues and across functions. You can manage changing priorities with ease.

·        You keep the consumer and customer front of mind, bringing an outside-in perspective to encouraging cross-collaboration, utilising diversity and encouraging open feedback.

·        You can manage changing priorities with ease.

·        Prior business partnering skills, working closely with general management and operation leadership to drive business expectations and results.

·        Strong analytical, planning, and organizational skills

·        Manufacturing experience is a requirement

·        Solid understanding of accounting and financial concepts

·        Experience working with and advising senior management of financial and business strategies

·        Highly motivated / Driven / Proactive approach to business needs

·        Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to thrive in a ‘matrix’ organization

·        Ability to adjust/react quickly to changes and changing priorities

·        Ability to drive change

·        Unquestionable business ethics and integrity


Keeping you Healthy and Safe

We want you to return home in even better shape than when you started, so we need you to help us do this by making sure you follow a few simple steps. We need you to:

·        Make sure you take reasonable care for your own health and safety, and

·        Take reasonable care that what you do (or what you don’t do when you should have) doesn’t affect the health and safety of others, and

·        Follow reasonable instructions that we might give from time-to-time, such as reporting incidents and hazards, and

·        Follow policies or procedures, so long as it’s reasonable and we’ve told you about it, and

·        Attend training that helps you to work safely

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