C&A Buyer
Purchasing & Sourcing
Full Time
Shanghai, China

Job Description

Purpose of the position:

To act as facilitator between the Central Product Lines DP, DT & the sourcing org. for DR and DH and the related suppliers of finished goods. To ensure a reliable spares supply at specification, delivery on time and at right cost.

Manage local sourcing needs for consumables and accessories for product line DT under the responsibility of ECA sourcing function.

Main responsibilities of the position:

1. Secure a reliable flow of spare part to regions, being on stock in time for product launch.

Ensure timely, correct and complete deliveries of parts during the active production phase of an appliance / product. Ensure that last order of parts is managed when a product is being phased out (after seize of production) and that key component supply is secured in the following years.

2. Ensure full supplier compliance of spare supply in accordance with specification and instructions given by Electrolux.

3. Train and educate existing and new suppliers on our requirements and process (ensure that all deliveries will have the same paper work è order confirmation, delivery note, bill of loading, invoice).

4. Follow up on the spares clauses – contractual ( DR/DH sourcing contracts )

5. Co-operate and support spares planner on local level, negotiate lead time, batch quantity and packaging according our guidelines

6. Participate and have access to the TDS & process

7. Quality assurance of spare and consumable supplies

8. Return handling and claims on wrong deliveries

9. Corrective action management – non-compliant supplier

10. Cost saving activities – kit assembly, find synergies to merge existing spare parts by replacing it with the current DT range

11. Purchase price management vs finished goods pricing

12. Look for potential new suppliers of C&A in cooperation with ECA

Sourcing team for DT, be part of the supplier selection.

13. Coordinate samples of C&A requests

14. C&A Sourcing projects – local support

Minimum Qualification


- Ability to communicate internally and externally

- Ability to negotiate

- Ability to work independently and proactively

- Business sense

Requirements of the position:

- a degree in Business / Engineering

- at least 5 years experience in purchasing / product management

- Previous work for an European / International company is recommended

- Excellent working knowledge of English, speaking and writing.

- Excellent Mandarin and Cantonese is a plus

- Office package

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