Claim Development Engineer
Full Time
Porcia, Italy

Look for opportunity. Bring it to life.

 As a Claim Development Engineer for the Washing Technology Laboratory, you will take part in the development of new washing machines at global level for the R&D department. 

A typical day at work 

You approach your responsibilities proactively and innovatively, with practical sense and operative attitude, you aim to support the development of claims inside the Laboratory, explore potential benefits of new technologies, including implementation of new test protocols and methodologies supporting new claims and marketing communication related to washing machines and washer dryers.

Your focus will be to: 
• Ensure the development and technical support of new claims of new projects and new technologies
• Develop and execute new ways to visualize the technology benefits, translating them into relevant consumer benefits
• Analyse and evaluate test results in a critical way, identifying relevant reference for comparative evaluations and summarize conclusions
• Prepare commercial launch samples and demonstrators, using internal or external resources, planning the activities to meet deadlines
• Perform tests, measurement and laboratory activities, including the introduction of new instruments and tools to improve quality of generated data;
• Support the evolution of connected appliances with relevant contents related to washing and drying process with the focus on improvement of consumer experience

• Team player. In this role cross-functional collaboration is everything, so you should like to work in groups as well as on your own. 
• Proactive. You’re not just solving the tasks you are given, you always think ahead.
• Good listener and communicator. You will become the spider in the web and work with other Electrolux departments on a daily basis – therefore these attributes are keys for making projects run smoothly.
• Flexible. Your environment is dynamically changing.

Education & experience:

• Textile/chemistry degree or relevant experience (6-10years)
• Knowledge of textiles
• Understanding of detergents chemistry, cleaning process, rinsing process

Please kindly submit your CV in English