Continuous Improvement Engineer
Continuous Improvement
Full Time
Anderson, Sc


Continuous Improvement at Electrolux is one of our top strategic drivers in order to deliver outstanding and continuously improved customer & consumer experiences with a competitive cost structure.

Business Area North America (BA NA) utilizes the Electrolux Manufacturing System program in pursuit of operational and commercial excellence. In our fast changing environment there are significant opportunities to further apply and enhance use of EMS to enable the Business Area to deliver outstanding consumer experiences.

This position will utilize EMS / CI principles, process, and indicators to identify, plan, and support execution of targeted improvement initiatives within operational processes. 

The role works with cross functional teams including Purchasing, Quality, Operations, Transportation & Warehousing and Manufacturing Engineering to meet improvement targets and annual plant SQCDP (Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, People) objectives.

  • Lead, promote, and facilitate the implementation of EMS so that it becomes a "part of the culture" at Electrolux.
  • Support strategic planning initiatives, business plan deployment, and strategic goal & objective creation to ensure high impact opportunities for lean process are identified.
  • Develop, and play a hands-on execution role in the EMS plan, linked to the business plan and strategic priorities with robust sustainable lean processes. Own the execution (impact, timeline and dependencies) and sustainability of project results.
  • Improve baseline performance relative to cost, quality, cycle time and customer satisfaction by delivering business results.
  • Drive the education & development of skills, competencies, and effectiveness among key project stakeholders.
  • Drive Standardization and continuous improvement of the EMS/ CI principles, tools and practices.
  • Identify and implement digital technologies that enhance continuous improvement activities.

Minimum Qualification


  • Bachelor degree preferred or 5+ years of continuous improvement engineering experience
  • Lean experience required; certification preferred.
  • 2-3 years of experience leading lean / continuous improvement implementations.
  • Well versed in modern tools and methodologies of process improvement.


Diagnostic Skills:

  • Strategic prioritization: able to identify and prioritize key process improvement opportunities in line with needs using financial and non-financial metrics.
  • Ability to set improvement goals to impact area needs.
  • Analytical problem solving: able to identify problems; apply structured and disciplined methodology to identify root cause using data.
  • Analysis of ‘as-is’ state, ‘to-be’ state, gap analysis, prioritized waste and development appropriate CI countermeasures to deliver improved performance. Clear understanding of principles that guide tool selection.

Activity Management:

  • Proven ability to take responsibility for leading, directing, and managing change. Can determine a vision of the future state and provides direction, focus and drive during the change process.
  • Strong advocate and catalyst for change, providing resources, removing barriers and leading or supporting others leading change.
  • Able to influence cross functionally without direct authority.
  • Planning ability over all time horizons; is able to shift (as required) between the need for detailed day-to-day planning up to and including the ability to develop strategic improvement plans for own area of responsibility.
  • Developing performance measurement: ensures key performance indicator systems are consistently tracking the right measures and provoking the right responsive behavior.
  • Ensures improved performance of CI initiatives are sustained post intervention.
  • Delivers results through others by energizing teams and encouraging creativity and ownership.

Audit & Observation:

  •  Ability to evaluate processes from a purpose, process, and people perspective to identify problems, waste, or improvements.
  • Knows what ‘best in class’ looks like and can articulate / communicate vision.
  • Can challenge the process and thinking in a non-confrontational manner.


  • Can determine ‘as-is’ organizational capability (knowledge/skills/expertise) and has the capability to teach, coach, mentor a targeted future state at multiple organizational levels.
  • Coaching at multiple levels with the ability to contextualize use of EMS / CI principles in application.
  • Achieve results through others by making better people.
  • A role model for the following EMS Way behaviors: Goal Alignment, Process & Results, Commitment to Standards, Question & Challenge, PDCA Learning and Support & Recognition.

IT / Digital Skills

  • IT Literacy to support above.


  • Ambition & Drive: Drives both themselves and the business forward. Seeks responsibility beyond the requirements of their immediate role and sets challenging goals. Shows tenacity and continues to strive to reach goals, despite obstacles.
  • Leading Self & Others: Sets clear individual objectives and direction for others. Clarifies priorities and provides others with means and authority to make decisions to create a culture of ownership and accountability. Engages and inspires individuals to exceed expectations.
  • Deliver Results: Demonstrates tenacity and focus by continuously striving to reach goals and overcoming obstacles.


  • Cross Collaboration & Networking: Encourages and promotes cross-collaboration and diversity to create greater business success.


  • Acumen: Quickly gets to the core of a problem, recognizing irrelevant details and conveying complex information clearly. Anticipates and recognizes interdependencies, considers a holistic, strategic perspective and uses knowledge gained from the external business environment. Can analyze and manage complex and large amounts of information.
  • Judgement & Decision Making: Exercises good judgement in making decisions, considering all the available sources of information and alternatives.
  • Adaptability: Analyzes and adapts quickly to different people and situations in complex and unstable circumstances.


  • Innovation & Curiosity: Proposes new and original ideas, approaches and solutions to problems. Curious about new ways of doing things and challenges own thinking beyond current practices
  • Coaching Self & Others: Identifies and develops talent in individuals. Provides positive support to allow the individual to improve continuously.



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