E Commerce Marketing Specialist
Full Time

Your role

•Execute ad campaigns on search engines and other websites and research and implement the latest digital marketing strategies using social media.
•Examining sales-related metrics to inform restocks.
•Generate / Analyze traffic to inform website maintenance and the effectiveness of marketing strategies.
•Directing the activities of Software Developers, Copywriters, and Graphic Designers to ensure careful adherence to predetermined strategies.
•Creating frameworks that transform our social media sites into highly profitable platforms.
•Devising strategies that harness sales-related insights, prevailing standards, and novel developments to encourage sales in our online store.
•Teaming up with SEO Specialists to increase the online presence of our website.
•Inspecting landing pages, product information, checkout options, and all other pertinent website-related systems to ensure their visual appeal, accuracy, and ease of use.
•Assisting with decisions about promotions such as discounted offers and affordable bulk packages.
•Creating promotional offers and checking to see that these are uploaded precisely.
•Ensuring that payment options and promotional tabs are configured correctly.
•Keep a promotions calendar, track all e-commerce marketing efforts, analyze data, and use the findings to improve strategies.
•Collaborating with appropriate stakeholders to ensure the rollout of website changes.
•Monitoring website traffic and customer reviews to gauge responses to site updates.
•Analyzing traffic to inform website maintenance and the effectiveness of marketing strategies.
•Scheduling and communicating intensive site maintenance, as needed.
•Analyzing sales-related data to predict future sales and concomitant stock requirements.
•Committing to sales targets

Who you are

• Bachelor’s degree Business administration, Marketing Management, Business, Information Systems, or similar.
•3-5 years of experience as an E-Commerce lead.
• Sound knowledge of prevailing procedures and techniques in e-commerce.
• Completion of a pertinent Sales qualification is preferred.

Minimum Qualification


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