Electronics Technology Expert
Full Time

Your Role

Electronics technology Expert will act as reference technical expert of the R&D Water care for Electrical and Electronics modules. And will be working on control boards development and maintenance for water heating solutions, You will be hands-on to ensure our products is according to performance and safety standards before being placed in the customer houses.

·        Support product category management and identify gaps and highlight opportunities in product/Module design to maximize product range and category sales. He/she contributes and leads technical aspects in Technology, GP and Quality improvement/Cost out projects from receiving project MBB to the SOP.

·        Responsible for the Electrical/Electronic module design and development of the water heating systems, and adapting the new electronic/Electrical modules/components with the heating technologies into the water heaters platform.

·        Working with product development team, PC, technical functions across plants , quality team ,and after sale service team to guarantee that product is fulfilling & comply with local & international performance/safety standards to achieve high quality performance/safety in bench-marking with competitors’ products.

·        Support in product design, the product function (components – systems), having strong academic background and experience in Embedded systems design.

·        Efficiently contributing in the regular workshops/session for new ideas and technologies for the water heating platforms.

He/she should always up to date with the concerned product legislation and norms, updating the team with the impact of the new and current legislation for performance, safety & energy efficiency, and  adapt products to comply with the environmental affairs standard (RoHS, REACH, and WEE) ,also adapt products to comply with Electrolux standards. 

He/she will be responsible for the Electronics technology lab and managing daily activities and lab capability management, support Labs equipment operations, upgrade and maintenance, and keeping eyes and following all safety requirements and precautions.


A Typical Day

·        Work on the product Technology Road Map “TRM”Electronics solutions, and leading associated technology projects to introduce new product/Module solutions that can improve the water heater platform.

·        Manage and Oversee design of new /renewed product Electronic subsystems /systems, to improve quality, function, performance and reliability while maintaining cost, manufacturability. Including but not limited to- schematics, PCB design, firmware design`, and electromechanical design.

·        Manage, design, develop and test electronic circuits (embedded systems) for water heaters control boards including schematics, PCB, and embedded software.

·        Responsible for designing and development and/or modification of subsystems (for example, electronic controls and control systems) to achieve a better quality and lower cost.

·        Provide the technical expertise in correlative Technology subsystems (hardware and or software or other subsystem) development from conceptualization through production across each appliance product line.

·        Provide design specifications to lead and coordinate supplier development programs and test qualifications, including: mechanical attributes, and electrical components.

·        Project Technical lead for TRM projects according to CP Deliverables, Ensuring that project timing, investments, cost, quality and performance are delivered according to specification.

·        Prepare projects reports and presentations to present projects achievements as needed.

·        Prepare and direct preparation of engineering documentation.

·        Analyze cost of engineering programs for budgetary analysis. Coordinate and support purchasing, marketing, and other groups to define/refine costs in support of project objectives.

·        Manage agency approvals of the components when required.

·        Support efforts required through the Model Shop, Test & Evaluation Lab, Reliability testing, and other departments/groups.

·        Assist in the development and approval of test and quality plans for designed components and assemblies. Analyze and approve test results to ensure they meet the requirements of the manufacturing processes and assembly.

·        Manage Electronics Workshop/Lab Activities ( including the testing plan & budget proposal for instruments and tools)  while keeping the continuous update for test instruments & tools, and equipment calibration as needed.

·        Managing, Coaching and training junior/senior engineers and technicians under his/her supervision.

·        Performing continuous research for new developments and innovations and turn those research ideas into technical plans to be added to the product category TRM.

·        R&D Technical lead in OEM/ODM projects of Water Care products as per projects requirements.

·        Discuss the manufacturing process for product and component development with PD Team to ensure clear direction and understanding of the desired end result.

·        Supply all technical input for product literature, labels, technical manuals, etc.

·        Part and product approval: understand technical tests results to take decision on design development and final approval for series production.

·        Analysis of technical solutions with suppliers, product care and other involved functions.

·        Support the product care team in cost and quality improvement activities.

·        Ensure benchmarking of competitors products on:

·        Technical / functional level & Cost Level.

·        International and domestic travel required as needed.


Who You Are

·        Bachelor’s. /Master degree  In Electronics engineering.

·        Experience with C/C++ programming languages

·        Experience with different micro-controllers’ architecture (AVR, Cortex) 8/16/32 bits.

·        Experience with electronic design tools such as OrCAD, IAR, etc…

·        6 – 10 years’ in Electronics design field (HW – FW) ,(experience in a similar field is preferred).

·        Proven experience of  Project Management Methodologies (PMP is a Plus)

·        Ability to translate non-technical user requirements into specific technical solutions.

·        Experience with software version control tools (SVN, PTC, …)

·        Demonstrate creative ability through invention or equally significant contributions to profession.

·        Experience with failure analysis, electromechanical design.

·        Diverse knowledge of multinational technical and environmental product legislation and   requirements.

·        Knowledge of electronics manufacturing processes.

·        Competent with basic tools and instruments such as oscilloscope, multi-meter, data logger, etc…

·        Good Knowledge of Product life cycle management and PLM tools.

·        Strong communication ability in English/ Arabic (both written and spoken)
·        Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate with stakeholders across functions.


Core Competencies

·        Talented personality and passionate with researches and new technologies/innovations.

·        Both proactive and reactive, you work efficiently and flexibly to deliver results.

·        With an eye for detail and the ability to interpret complex data, you can also translate this into meaningful, useful information that informs decision-making.

·        You build trust, good working relationships and communicate effectively with your colleagues and across functions. You can manage changing priorities with ease.

·        You keep the consumer and customer front of mind, bringing an outside-in perspective to encouraging cross-collaboration, utilizing diversity and encouraging open feedback.

·        You can manage changing priorities with ease.


Keeping you Healthy and Safe

We want you to return home in even better shape than when you started, so we need you to help us do this by making sure you follow a few simple steps. We need you to:

·        Make sure you take reasonable care for your own health and safety, and

·        Take reasonable care that what you do (or what you don’t do when you should have) doesn’t affect the health and safety of others, and

·        Follow reasonable instructions that we might give from time-to-time, such as reporting incidents and hazards, and

·        Follow policies or procedures, so long as it’s reasonable and we’ve told you about it, and

·        Attend training that helps you to work safely


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