Firmware Engineer Intern (Spring 2021)
Part Time
Charlotte, Nc

A REGULAR DAY AT WORK (Essential Duties):

For us going to work every day has an even greater purpose than putting the latest product or technology on the market. It’s about improving the everyday lives of millions. By being sustainable and open to new ideas we can push the boundaries of cooking, cleaning, and wellbeing at home. But to keep doing so, we need more people who want to innovate and re-imagine what life at home can be.  

In this role you will assist in development of consumer product integration of embedded firmware on low cost/low power microcontrollers for laundry products parts such as Unit Interfaces and Main Boards. Participate in the design and development of new products and improvement of existing products. Interact and collaborate on products and projects with a local team in USA and globally. 


  • Support Firmware Testing/Verification
  • Documentations as specifications and test results reporting
  • Conduct functional and reliability tests according Electrolux test specifications and procedures
  • Quality improvement diagnostics and testing to recreate failure modes
  • Project team member, responsible for software support
  • Database retrieval and storage issues


  • With a number of projects running simultaneously, flexibility and agility are essential.
  • You work efficiently and proactively to deliver results.
  • With an eye for detail and the ability to interpret complex data, you can also translate this into meaningful, useful information that informs decision-making.
  • You build trust, good working relationships and communicate effectively with your colleagues and across functions.
  • You’re open minded about where ideas come from and how they can be applied to enable innovation.
  • You can manage changing priorities with ease.
  • You can work autonomously but will never be on your own, working proactively to identify the opportunities and implement the plan. 

Minimum Qualification

EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE (Minimum Qualifications):

  • Field of study pursuing major of Engineering in Systems, Firmware, Electronics, Electrical, Technology or Computer Science
  • Developed math and science skills with desirable minimum 2 years in school with some curriculum in semiconductor electronics, electrical devices, firmware for microcontrollers, control theory and software.
  • Ability to work in a lab and use multi-meter, oscilloscope, compilers, data-logger and databases
  • Experience with electrical devices and semiconductor electronics and embedded microcontrollers
  • Understanding of tool chains (compilers, assemblers, linkers) and knowledge of C or C++ language
  • Understanding of electronics and software architecture development
  • Understanding of asynchronous serial Interface packet-based communication protocols

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