HR Business Partner NoLA
Full Time
Miami, Fl


The HR Business Partner Central America & Caribbean develops and implements the human resources strategy of the business unit he/she supports, as an integral part of the unit’s business strategy.

As a member of the organization’s management team, the HR Business Partner provides leadership on the people aspects of the business plans and provides solutions and advice to management on people and organizational issues.

He/she drives and implements Group and HR policies and programs, and supports managers in engaging their people around the Company’s values, strategy and objectives.



  • Local HR Business Partner provides the day-to-day performance management guidance to the business’s management personnel through coaching, career development, counseling, and disciplinary actions. In this capacity, the Local HR Business Partner manages and resolves complex employee-relations issues.
  • Takes initiative and provides informal leadership and mentorship to less experienced HR professionals within the business where he acts as the program/process leader for various HR initiatives, for example, performance management process, succession planning, or employee development.
  • Local HR Business Partner creates a people plan for the business and its various departments taking into account the wider HR agenda and any specific people issues that may be existent within the business.
  • Also implements talent management processes for all employees in all departments within the business and provides thought-leadership on issues that may avail improved operation and performance of the business as a whole as well as the HR area
  • Provides support to stakeholders by coaching them into thinking innovatively about their work processes and team structures with a view of improving the business’s overall efficiencies.


  • Local HR Business Partner supports the embedding of the business’s strategies at various departments and levels. In this capacity, provides guidance and input on workforce planning, business unit restructures, and succession planning, ensuring that core HR processes are applied appropriately and in a legally compliant manner.
  • In this capacity, it is the Local HR Business Partner’s role to develop strategies for people management, succession planning, and talent management for key managerial positions and for stakeholders. Also develops a power plan for the business in order to guarantee that resources are managed strategically. This is inclusive of developing a strategic approach to recruitment of key personnel.


  • In his/her analytical role, analyzes trends and metrics in partnership with other HR teams in order to develop and enhance solutions, processes, and programs that address current problems and also to avoid future ones.
  • The Local HR Business Partner assists in the measuring, validating, and testing of the effectiveness of metrics that are applied by the business to assess and drive productivity optimization.
  • He/She is also tasked with developing programs and methods that aid in the achievement of measurable improvements in metric results and which avail actionable people management solutions and strategies.


  • Tasked with maintaining healthy relationships across the business. In this capacity, he conducts regular meetings with the various business departments, builds, and develops trusted relationships with the various departmental leaderships.
  • Additionally oversees and manages complex employee-relations issues, supporting formal appeals and hearings while simultaneously coaching the relevant managers on management best practices.


  • The role of the Local HR Business Partner is largely a collaborative one. Local HR Business Partner teams up with other HR departmental teams in determining approaches to matters of recruitment, compensation, and other HR functions in order to ensure that the programs in place are effective and efficient.
  • Actively participates in HR department meetings and contributes to the formulation of solutions for the HR department, business department, and business-wide challenges.
  • Works collaboratively with departmental heads throughout the business, assisting them in understanding compensation and rewards programs, training and development programs, and aiding in the indoctrination of proper management and communication practices.
  • Additionally works closely with the stakeholders ensuring that they are accessing the most relevant/suitable labor and development programs while supporting the design and development of new/improved labor and development programs.
  • Works with the stakeholders throughout the business with a view of further driving the people management agenda that will in turn support the achievement of the business’s overall goals.


  • He/She has an obligation to maintain an in-depth knowledge of the legal requirements, internal and external, related to the day-to-day management of employees within the business, reducing legal risks, guaranteeing regulatory compliance, and most importantly enabling employee satisfaction and retention.
  • In this capacity, the Local HR Business partner conducts research consistently and avails ways to add value to the business by presenting an appropriate blend of reactive and proactive solutions for people management, which will further the business’s agenda across all departments and ultimately enable the achievement of overall goals.


  • Performs similar duties as he may deem necessary for the proper execution of his duties, or duties delegated by the Director HR Business Partner, the Chief Human Resource Officer, or the Employer.

Minimum Qualification


  • University degree in Management, Psychology, Human Resources, or other related areas
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in Human Resources (Generalist)
  • Prior recruiting, training, Development and HR generalist background required


  • Good knowledge of the USA labor regulations
  • Able to work in an autonomous manner with a strong sense of initiative and priority.
  • Availability to travel around central America & Caribbean, if needed (50%)
  • Labor Law, Psychology, Negotiations, Customer Service Techniques and Conflict Management.
  • Business Partner: Demonstrate passion for the business;, Drive solutions to deliver on business needs
  • Capability Builder: Optimize organizational effectiveness; Develop high performing teams; Drive improvement of individual performance
  • Change Champion: Demonstrate courage to challenge status quo; Initiate, drive and make change stick
  • Cross- Collaborator: Build credibility; Collaborate effectively
  • HR innovator & integrator: Exhibit knowledge of core HR processes; Leverage HR knowledge to drive simplification and continuous improvements


  • English & Spanish

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