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Installed Base Monetization Director

Electrolux is committed to developing new and improved ways of offering our products and services, therefore we are looking for a person to join our mission to improve our product offerings that increase customer and consumer engagement and drive profitable growth across the European Business unit.

The core mission of this role is to create the Electrolux model of how we want to review (see) our installed base in order that we can personalise our offerings to maximise the average revenue per consumer - and hence their lifetime value. This role will be responsible for the strategic vision and approach Peace of Mind takes to structurally and systematically analysing the data within (and outside of) our CRM system, to identify and prioritise opportunities to monetise this installed base and optimise our cost of acquisition. Historically our approach was to sell products into Electrical or Kitchen retailers, then pull through sales via promotional activity. We had minimal interaction with the purchasing consumer unless they contacted us with need of product advice/help, or with a need for a repair. Through our Consumer Centric Transformation programme, we are now looking to interact with the consumer throughout, with the aim of creating a life long relationship between them and the brand.

You will have the innate capability to aggregate & review existing Electrolux installed base data, as well as external data sources to assist in addressing our unknown installed base (which is significant in scale) in order to identify (and implement) ways of enhancing our total CRM data. This consumer-centric insight will help you review our existing propositions (both service and product) in order to develop hypotheses, identify the highest potential revenue pools, with the optimal ROI and then propose an action plan in conjunction with the POM team, Marketing and IT to generate optimal returns on investment.  

The capability to identify trends will give us the insight required to develop attractive (ROI), unaddressed opportunities, prioritise where our starting point should be and work across the POM team to develop that proposition- including running pilots to prove the value of the data and insight against the hypothesis.

Your talents must also include communication and you will need to use visualisation tools to clearly demonstrate opportunities for service & product targeting, as well as development.

The Installed Base Monetisation Director must educate the POM community to ask the right questions of the data, the technical people (IT) to provide the required systems and tools to manage the data, as well as feed & guide the Marketing team with their data for targeting and communication. 

This role will provide the science & data driven backbone required for service development, deployment and execution. We need to put Big Data at the centre of POM development, in order that we build a culture of data-driven decision making. This individual is a prime-mover to accomplish this.


• Set the vision and execute the strategy to provide a science and data driven approach to maximizing consumer lifetime value and the average revenue per user, whilst optimizing the cost of acquisition
• Identify the immediate opportunities (where insight shows attractive ROI), against our existing propositions and the insights from our data, and in conjunction with PoM and Marketing, prioritise the action plan to realise it
• Working with IT to ensure we have the appropriate tools to manage and visualize our CRM data
• Work with the Marketing team to target our acquisition/engagement communication
• Work with the Taste/Care/Wellbeing product line teams to understand the category dimensions to be explored
• To provide a science and data driven approach to service deployment and development
• Seek and source external data to enhance and supplement our own in order that we unlock the unknow installed base opportunities

• Highly analytic with a strong background in data analytics and Big Data management and manipulation
• Clear understanding of segmenting ‘installed base and consumer’ data and providing insights against it
• Proven track record of using insight and big data to drive growth
• Has an outside-in consumer mindset, putting the consumer at the core of thinking
• Organised and methodical, you are highly numerate, very articulate, have a digital mindset and are extremely cross-collaborative
• Must have a strong familiarity with data analytics tools and the companies that provide and support them, and the ability to identify the correct tools for analysis, real-time reporting and storage management
• The candidate will be used to working with an installed base, and possibly have a background from Insurance, Airlines, Automotive, Telecomms, or pure data analytics industries


A data science driven individual, with the capability to cross-functionally engage and educate the community around them, and be able to articulate their point of view, you will demonstrate the following core competences:

Agility: Adaptability, Judgement & Decision Making, Acumen
• With a sense of pragmatism and urgency, the ability to analyse our data and develop a data science driven point of view, prioritized by ROI, to maximise our lifetime consumer value and optimize our cost of acquisition
• Identify existing services to unlock the potential and propose new services where none exists

Growth: Innovation & Curiosity
• Leading the analysis and visualization of our data and supporting the management of it with IT, the targeting of it with Marketing and the alignment of the required services to address it with PoM
• Educate in order that we build a culture of data-driven decision making

Energy: Deliver results, Ambition and Drive:
• As a results-driven individual, ensure the achievement of PoM KPIs through data-driven decision making
• Outstanding communication skills and the ability to inspire and educate others
• A desire to help build the PoM business grow and develop into the future as an increasingly crucial contributor to the group business

Openness: Consumer & Customer Focus, Cross Collaboration & Networking:
• A continuous advocate for the consumer to be front of mind, bringing an outside-in perspective, encouraging cross-collaboration, leveraging diversity and encouraging open feedback.

Contact person: Hellen Isayas
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