Key Account Manager
Full Time
Praha 4, Czech Republic

Activities and responsibilities of a KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER

•  To ensure increased sales of Electrolux appliances and to achieve sales targets entrusted to key customers
•  Adaptation of sales targets and marketing activities of Electrolux for entrusted customers.
•  Planning and analysis of the fulfillment and subsequent evaluation of jointly set targets accordingly in co-operation with the sales team (development of a strategic plan).
• Negotiating annual contracts per account with the aim to optimize long-term value creation.
• Ensuring that an agreement on contractual terms is reached with each customer in order to form a basis for long-term, mutually attractive cooperation.
• Planning and coordination of promotional activities with customers in compliance with the company’s plans and policies.
• Optimizing customer support through alignment of company processes 
• Forecasting, planning direct supplies and ensuring the availability of individual models at points of sales.  
• Monitoring customers’ inventories and checking unmet customer orders. 
• Cooperation with credit management to ensure timely customer payments.
• Range and channel management.
• Monitoring of in house and display shares.
• Ensuring product training for customers in cooperation with the marketing department at both central and individual shops. 
• Provision of comprehensive information support for customers. 
• Monitoring activities of competitors, product range and marketing activities on customer premises.
• To communicate adequately to the management results, prospective developments, and possible threats and obstacles.
• Providing feedback to the organization regarding market conditions and competitor activities so as to facilitate a quick and appropriate response to changing sales conditions.
• Ensuring information and communication flows, regular business meetings, and complete maintenance and development of all sales and social cooperation with customers.