Kinston 1st Shift Team Lead 12 Hour shift Rack
Industrial Operations
Full Time
Kinston, Nc

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Be responsible for safety in the area. Ensure all team members in the area are wearing the correct PPE. Support the Plan for Every Part and line side presentation of parts within the work area. Contact supervisor or Materials if stock is low. Audit all Job Detail sheets and make sure they are all up to date. Update skills matrix and skills development plan for all team members in work area. Train new employees to the area. Provide training based on Job Skill Matrix. Assess condition of equipment, fixtures, racks, workstations, etc. and write red tags for items / issues that are not up to standard. Check 5S Workplace Organization and Visual Control. Utilize Sweep & Clean check sheets and 5S Audits to maintain the 5S condition in the work area. Update check sheets as necessary, to address items that do not meet the 5S Standard. Provide restroom relief to team members in the work area between scheduled breaks. Improve productivity in work areas by reducing the number of workstations in the area. Collect data on DFP, NRFT, & DSA issues for the work area. Conduct EMS Awareness training annually for all new hires in the work area. Support model changeovers and ensure correct parts are used. Maintain professional relationship with all team members, treat team members with respect and dignity. Check the production readiness of the work area at the beginning of the shift – materials available, tools available and in good working order, etc. Provide assignments, set job rotation, and pass on necessary information to Team Members. Maintain and update area team board daily, ensure action items are developed for issues along with target completion dates, and thatactions are completed on time. Conduct daily team meetings with all team members to communicate scheduling, Safety, Quality, Cost and Delivery information, as well as other plant related information pertinent to the team. Identify significant issues that are hindering the team and use structured problem-solving techniques to identify and eliminate root causes. Direct & Coach Team Members for Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Standardized Work and Continuous Improvement.

Minimum Qualification

Associates Degree in a field relative to manufacturing or business. Two years experience in Manufacturing. EMS Yellow Gear Certification required and must earn EMS Green Gear Certification within one year of job award. Excellent Written and Oral Skills. Exceptional Communication Skills.

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