Lean Engineer
Industrial Operations
Full Time
Benoni, South Africa

Assists with the implementation of Lean Manufacturing goals and strategies for improving the operations and processes within the organization. Evaluates all continuous improvement activities and implements plans to optimize performance and processes. Employs Lean methodologies and tools in order to accomplish business objectives. 

Key Operational Responsibilities:
• To make optimum utilization of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma tools to assist in preparing the feasibility studies and ensure that the costs incurred are justified
• To evaluate various improvements that need to be done and create value analysis and to look out for ways to reduce the costs in the engineering and manufacturing applications
• To confer with the senior and other related personnel to create designs and to clarify and resolve any relevant issues
• To give directions to help in preparing the layouts and detailed drawings that will eventually assist in improving the manufacturing processes
• To develop methods that would help in reducing the cost without compromising on the quality standards to ensure increased efficiency and quality and make recommendations
• To achieve cost-effective designs and to carry out research, design, and development work of the manufacturing process that would include assembly methods, production flow and production equipment

Competencies Needed:
• ISO requirements knowledge;
• Strong communication skills / the ability to communicate effectively to network with all levels of an organization/;
• Ability to work with a high sense of urgency;
• Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills;
• Excellent organizational and leadership skills;
• Core Competency Model applicable;
• Adaptable to accept new changes in the field of lean manufacturing and should remain abreast with the latest developments happening in that field. 
• He/she should be extremely well organized and should have the ability to identify problems and resolve them quickly. Strong oral and written communication • Skills with excellent organization, 
• Planning and implementation skills would definitely prove to be an advantage. 
• Excellent analytical skills combined with good negotiation and conflict management skills 

Minimum Requirements:
• Engineering background preferred Mechanical/Industrial/Chemical engineering to be supported by University Degree; 
• Min. 2-4  years of  experience of work in Lean Engineering in manufacturing company,                                                                   
• Computer skills and MS Package
• A demonstrated working knowledge of Lean/Six Sigma in the manufacturing field with good project management skills would prove to be a huge plus. 
• The individual who has completed formal training in Lean/Six Sigma will definitely be preferred and have an edge over the rest of the candidates.

Required Languages:
• Local Languages
• English