Local Infrastructure Support (LIS)
Full Time

A Local Infrastructure Services (LIS) technician is required to run the IT infrastructure and support EIT/Business projects and activities in China sites. 

• Run and maintain all IT infrastructure in China sites.
• Support and drive all new EIT projects and initiatives involving EIT infrastructure.
• Regularly review all the IT infrastructure on the site, maintaining a corresponding roadmap. Not limited to, but most urgently relating to the overall network installation on the site including existing solutions for monitoring.
• Proactively participate and support initiatives related to digital transformation.
• Proactively engage with engineering around systems implementations and specifically systems integration in this area
• Manage all local Server environment on the site ( Virtual and Physical ) 
• Purchase, configure, run and support all Production, Warehouse and Labs PC assets.
• Manage all local IT Network infrastructure in the site ( L2/L3 switches, Fiber Optic connections, LAN, Wireless ) 
• Manage vital IT L2 production infrastructure in the site ( including Linux environment ) 
• Be able to manage and configure M/F printers, BC readers and other Production IT tools if required 
• Liaise/Coordinate with other IT Departments and Business functions for all EIT Operation Projects 
• Manage ITSS Portal for IT requirements
• Manage On Boarding of new Office users 
• Maintain and improve relations with users, other IT Departments and key Management 
• Provide IT process and equipment specification support and expertise

Minimum Qualification

• Degree/Certificate in an engineering discipline preferred.  
• Minimum 3 years of consolidated experience in IT infrastructure support ( especially in Server, PC, Windows OS, LAN Networking area, including WiFi) plus experience in Connectivity and Digitalization.
• Previous working experience in a Manufacturing or High Technology environment is a plus

• IT and Business orientation, decision making, project leadership, specific IT skills.
o Windows OS management proficiency ( on both Server and PC environments )
o Competent Windows-based computers architecture knowledge
o Professional Server architecture knowledge ( both physical and Virtual ) 
o Professional Network management knowledge and architecture skills
o Good skills on Connectivity and Digitalization
o Good communication skills to manage IT users and Office/Business functions
o Automated controls, product identification and measurement, and on-line functional testing are a plus
• Business English proficiency