Supply Chain
Full Time

Logistics, Electrolux Professional, Japan

This role is responsible for managing sales channels and service networks by
placing right purchase order, ensuring the delivery by ship or air in line
with Sales or Service team’s requirements, controlling inventory with minimum

Key Operational Responsibilities
(Identification of job content in terms of outputs)
  -To have a full understanding of the details in the purchase orders, in terms
of contents of products, volume, delivery schedule and transportation (by
ship or air),
- To maintain a close communication with internal sales, after sales and
customer support people for stock status, details of the purchase orders,
actual delivery status, and any changes of the original purchase orders,
- To keep in touch with  the company’s
import section ( which conducts import procedures for all products and
parts), in order to give the purchase order information and to track the
actual delivery status,
- To track and control the product inventory located in an outsourced
warehouse, in order to maintain an adequate stock level in terms of product
mix and minimum cost awareness,
- To positively communicate with sales people and customer support center
people, who receive purchase orders from customers, informing them on details
of current inventory status and incoming goods in transit,
- To manage inland transportation in terms of transportation measures,
transportation companies and delivery routes, choosing the best solution so
as to reduce transportation costs,
- To maintain a good communication relationship with all relevant staff members
in the factories.
- 製品、注文数量、入庫予定、輸送方法(船積み又は空輸)等、製品又は部品の購買に関する内容の理解をすること
- 営業、カスタマーケアとコミュニケーションを図りながら、在庫状況、受注状況、出荷状況に応じて、入庫する製品又は部品の注文数量を調整すること
- 輸入に関する部門、取引先様と連携し、製品又は部品の輸入手続きを適切に行い、入庫状況を追跡すること
- 国内の外部倉庫に保管している製品、機種構成、在庫高を最適に保ち、掛かる費用を最小限に抑えること
- 得意先様より受注を受け取る営業又はカスタマーケアと積極的にコミュニケーションを図り、在庫状況や入庫状況を共有すること
- 輸送手段、輸送会社等、輸送に関する費用を最小限にとどめるよう、最適な方法を模索すること
- 工場(本社ロジスティクス)と、コミュニケーションを図り、良好な関係を維持すること

Minimum Qualification

Education :
University degree in business, engineering or related field

Technical Skills:
English skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking at business level
Good knowledge of systems and IT tools
Excellent or good analytical and problem solving skills
Preferred Career Experience 
Experience in overseas purchasing for minimum 5 years
Experience in local logistics for minimum 3 years

Soft Competencies :
Willingness to adapt to changing needs of the business
Team  player
Excellent communication skills
Able to build a good relationship in business with a wide range of people (e.g.
colleague, customer, and people from Electrolux Group)