Master Thesis – Chaos Engineering for IoT System
Full Time
Stockholm, Sweden

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Master Thesis – Chaos Engineering for IoT System (30 credits)

Do you want to do your master thesis investigating how to improve the resilience of an IoT platform using Chaos Engineering? If the answer is yes, you have the possibility to work with us. This will give you valuable insights into how a distributed IoT system works at scale from end to end.

Thesis Questions
As the rise of microservices and serverless make services more distributed, potential fault points are rising exponentially. We need some approach to ensure the resilience, so we have the confidence in the complex systems that we run in production, even in unpredictable conditions.

Some research questions this thesis can address:

1.  How can Chaos Engineering improve the IoT platform resilience at Electrolux?
2.  What components are needed to build up a Chaos Engineering framework?
3.  Which Chaos tools are suitable for Electrolux use cases?

Expected outcome

At the end of the thesis, we would like to see a prototype of the Chaos Engineering framework, and how much improvement it can make.


It’s preferable that the student has studied Computer Science, Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, or similar, with good knowledge of programming (e.g. Python, Java) and distributed systems. It’s a big plus if you know some cloud computing technologies.
The project is to be conducted in 20 weeks, starting in January 2021. Deadline for application is November 30, 2020. Your application should contain a CV, cover letter and transcript of your studies.

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We encourage you to apply as soon as possible as candidates will be interviewed continuously. The position may be filled prior to the date described as 'Apply by'