Material Planner - Injection part
Supply Chain
Full Time
Rayong, Thailand

- Planning and buying components at the right price, quality and quantity and at the right time.
- Managing relationships with existing suppliers.
- Negotiating contracts with suppliers to cover quality, quantity and delivery.
- Keeping up to date with production plan and reacting to changes in demand .
- Monitoring stock value and outstanding orders.
- Liaising with colleagues in discrepancy of shipping/packing and non-conforming parts to suppliers.  
- Writing reports and attending meetings with supervisors.
- Optimize transportation cost.
- Planning and buying components follow ECN&ECR project.

Minimum Qualification

- Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Logistics and or other related fields.
- 2-3 years working experience in production and materials planning.
- Have good ideas, be creative and well organized.
- Good negotiation skills with excellent communication.
- Be good at working in a team.
- Be able to make quickly decisions under pressure situation.
- Be able to cope with pressure - there is a high level of responsibility which can bring stress.
- Have determination  and excellent problem solving skills.
- Have an excellent understanding and knowledge of the components being purchased.