Materials Supervisor
Supply Chain
Full Time
Juarez, Mexico

The Receipt Supervisor is responsible for Managing and sustaining the functionality of the material processes of the internal warehouse. It monitors the download execution of cyclical counting strategies in order to maintain the reliability of the inventory. It manages, together with the window, the movement of boxes. handles the processes that involve short materials for the CTB, in turn ensures the shipment of raw material to external warehouse.


  • Administration of the personnel under their charge in the assigned area.
  • Supervises the Material Receipt process.
  • Manage the distribution of the Put Away Process
  • It controls the process of receipt of materials, premises, segregation of consigned materials for the CTB, etc.
  • Responsible for the execution of Weekly Yard Inventory.
  • Manage and insure the cash flow to your position in Yarda.
  • Sustains the performance of blind count audit of the materials received
  • Analyze and scale discrepancies with planning when applicable
  • Ensures compliance to the Stocking process
  • Manage and execute cyclical count plan to ensure the reliability of the Inventory in its localities
  • Conduct of Audits 5's
  • Detect and provide feedback to personnel in unsafe conditions and acts.
  • Ensure the functionality and respect of the FIFO System.
  • Attention to Cyclical Finance Accountants.
  • Responsible for the follow-up and adherence to the established processes of receipts
  • Optimization of the process of carrying out work in your Area (Continuous Improvement).
  • Promote and ensure Safety in the Personnel and in their area of work.
  • Working together for the fulfillment of Material Targets
  • Makes and documents EMS meetings (daily, weekly).
  • Performs and documents turn-in deliveries with the leader of the subsequent turn.

Minimum Qualification

  • Education: Ing. Industrial / Ing. Processes    
  • Domain on JDE, YMS, MS Office
  • Experience in Receipt and Review of Capture document control
  • Yard Movements
  • Material flow domain
  • CTB process domain in assortment and administration for Hot materials from Suppliers 
  • Process of consigned material
  • Put Away process domain 
  • Knowledge Stocking process
  • Kanban
  • Blind count process
  • Download Priorities management
  • FIFO control in location process and Dots method
  • Indispensable management of personnel under his charge.
  • Monitor the update of the Folio Report


  • Provide exceptional service to other departments, have the ability to work with other teams.
  • Knowledge of Cyclic Counter Procedures.
  • Knowledge of Receipt and Warehouse processes.
  • Knowledge of Logistics in Yard; physical and in System (WMS).
  • Experience in Inventory Analysis
  • Knowledge of the AS400 System
  • Knowledge of MS EXCEL, Office
  • Responsible and available for work.
  • Experience in the development of the personnel in charge


  • Direct communication with Materials Manager
  • Ability to communicate results in your area.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Communication with fleet supervisor in Yard.
  • Ability to direct and delegate responsibilities.
  • Attend shift delivery meetings.