Mold Simulation Engineer
Industrial Operations
Full Time
Anderson, Sc

Responsible for performing engineering and technical duties during the development of component tooling throughout development, launch & production according to project planning. Is responsible for and performs mold simulations, mold flow, technology development and product costs reduction by analytical analysis of simulation and mold flow technology. 


  • Mold Flow and 3D simulation for injection mold tooling
    • Understand material properties
    • Develop 3D Mesh of geometry in order to run mold flow simulation
    • Provide part and tool setup information to run the mold flow simulation
      • Mold temp
      • Melt Temp
      • Fill Time
      • Pack Time
      • Cool Time
      • Projected Area
      • Part Volume
    • Run wall Thickness analysis
      • Rib to wall ratios
      • Sink marks
      • Hot Spots/thick section
    • Optimize gate location and size
    • Develop and optimize core and cavity cooling layout
      • Slides/Lifts/Inserts/Additive manufactured inserts
    • Provide Fill Animation
      • Filling contour
      • Fill Time
      • Fill Temps
      • Fill Pressure
      • Balance Fill
    • Develop Pressure Profile
      • Clamp Force Requirments
    • Provide feedback on possible Cosmetic Imperfection
      • Weld Lines
      • Air Traps
      • Flow Lines
    • Understand and translate Shrinkage and warp analysis
      • X, Y, Z Deflection
      • Material shrinkage rate
    • Provide conclusions and suggestions
      • Cycle Time 
      • Fill problems
      • Weld line and air trap concerns
      • Sink mark concerns
  • Improve part cost and quality by optimizing part geometry, process, tool design/cavitation, Additive manufacture inserts, hot runner and sequentially controlled systems.

Minimum Qualification

  • BS Mechanical/Production/Polymer Engineering, or equivalent degree in the field of plastics
  • 2-5 years’ experience in Mold Flow Simulation 


  • Good Operating Knowledge of CATIA 
  • Good knowledge of Injection mold design & Injection molding process 
  • Good Knowledge of material & processing parameters 
  • Knowledge of statistical techniques (DOE, statistical process control) 
  • Good verbal/written communication skills 
  • Advanced PC skills especially in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint 
  • Ability to be self-motivated and manage several projects at one time