Order Desk Analyst
Full Time
Miami, Fl


The Order Desk Analyst is the face of the company to the customer when it comes to order execution. This person will be engaged in regular communication with customers, assisting them with (but not limited to):

US sourced: inventory validation or other inventory points, product stowing to guarantee maximization of trucks and container space, proforma preparation and obtaining final confirmation before transforming them into a firm purchase order, purchase US products in the US SAP system, review packing lists, invoice the customer and finally submit documents to the Customs broker and the customer.

Foreign Sourced (non-US products): the process will be the same as the US Sourced with the exception that the Sales Operations Specialist will stop their process after the orders are sent for sourcing to the Supply Chain group and will resume once the shipping documentation has been validated and handed over by the Supply Chain Group and handed over to the Sales Operation Specialists. The invoice and its submission will need to be done by the Sales Operations Specialist.


  • Receive the purchase order or requisition from the customer.
  • Enter the proforma in our UWM ERP.
  • Prepare stowage of the order in Max-Load, propose maximization of the trailer or container usage to the customer.
  • Review inventories of the US sourced products and communicate to the customers if needed.
  • Send the proforma to the customer.
  • Communicate with the Credit department, Business Controller, Product Line Manager and other groups internally when needed in order to align tactics to ship out product.
  • Maintain the system with updated information regarding shipping dates, availability dates, products and quantities.
  • Modify orders to include replacement models.
  • Review packing lists from the USA and guarantee that quantities and aligned in order to invoice the customer.
  • Review documents provided by Supply Chain and guarantee that they are aligned to customer’s needs as well as to the quantities and models shown in the UWM ERP.
  • Invoice the customer.
  • Submit documents to the 3PL for final submission to the customer.
  • Maintain good relationship with the customers.
  • Ensure agreed service levels for our customers.
  • Cooperate with Supply Chain, Product Line Managers, Finance Controlling and other teams in the daily operations.


  • Reporting will be to the Sales & Operations Manager

Minimum Qualification


  • Professional qualification with 1-3+ years of experience in Customer Service, Supply Chain or Logistics related areas.
  • University degree in a business related area.
  • Experience managing various systems and applications such as MS Office, AS400, SAP and JDE.


  • Proactive. You’re not just solving the tasks you are given, you always need to think ahead.
  • Good listener and communicator. You will become the spider in the web and work with other Electrolux departments on a daily basis, therefore these attributes are key for making projects run smoothly.
  • Result-oriented and process driven. You cope with daily challenges, avoiding distractions and focus on executing our best in class processes.
  • Ambitious & eager to learn. You demonstrate resilience in the face of setbacks and attitude towards learning new skills beyond what is required and transfers learning to new situations.
  • Detail-oriented. You draw attention to details managing complex amount of information.
  • Stress-resilient. You focus on the goal to avoid unnecessary pressure.
  • Agile thinking demonstrated. You lead the project dividing the tasks into short phases of work and doing frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans.


  • Customer Focused
  • Capable of managing multiple tasks/projects, prioritizing and keeping deadlines
  • Proactive and ahead thinking.
  • Pragmatic, ensuring the solutions are always realistic and achievable
  • Team player
  • Used to working effectively under pressure


  • Fully bilingual (English and Spanish)