Ownership Solution Specialist
Consumer & Customer Care
Full Time
Czech Republic

Position filling:
- Definition of product portfolio for spare parts and accessories, pricing;
- Organization of transport logistics of ND and accessories according to customer orders;
- Scheduling and creating bids and accessories for individual sales channels;
- Manage sales and supply channels for business / service partners and end customers;
- Tracking ND Returns, Cause Analysis, and Customer Solution;
- Quality tracking, analysis, and delivery quality solutions for ND and accessories;
- Solving supply claims against suppliers / forwarders;
- Organization of regular inventory of goods.

Key job responsibilities:
The Aftermarket Senior Specialist position is primarily intended to support our customers in purchasing and withdrawing assortments as per CC competencies.

- Planning and preparing sales of ND and accessories in the Electrolux assortment, offering ND sales and accessories sales, ensuring customer awareness;
- Organizationally arranges shipment from central.sk to final customers;
- Manages individual sales channels for customers (ProCorner, Webshop, etc.);
- Performs, in cooperation with centr.sklad, an analysis of returned goods, causes of return and works to reduce the volume of returned goods;
- Provides organizational regular inventory of goods under their responsibility;
- Monitor quality and timeliness of deliveries to customers, address structural problems with carrier or supplier;
- Responsible for the timely delivery of warranty / post-warranty service and other purchasers;
- Manages the pricing policy of supplying ND and accessories within the Czech Republic in accordance with the company's internal instructions - Warranty Service preferences;
- Monitors legislative changes related to supplies of equipment and accessories, is responsible for internal procedures, which must comply with current regulations;
- Solves supply claims (quantitative and qualitative) against suppliers;
- Ensures the operation of the B2C (ProCorner) ordering and Internet sales (Webshop), the placement of promotional offers and other process related to the operation;
- Responsible for minimal warehouse inventory after delivery of direct deliveries from centr.sk;
- Responsible for securing the goods against loss or damage.

Other tasks according to the assignment of the Consumer care manager or other superiors according to the structure of the company, always with the knowledge of a direct superior.

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