Supply Chain
Full Time

  • Provide expertise within the supply chain planning area, primarily focusing on S&OP and demand planning
  • Support the sales companies in the APAC sector to drive improvements in S&OP, demand planning and phase in, phase out management.
  • Represent the APAC & MEA sector for Global supply chain initiatives.
  • Drive initiatives to improve Forecast Accuracy and Forecast BIAS
  • Enhance the utilization of IT tools, fully utilizing the power of advanced planning tools (Demand Solutions – DSX), and BI tools (Cognos ), to drive business improvements
  • Support other supply chain planning related improvement projects, including safety stock management, inventory management, requirements planning, S&OP

Minimum Qualification

  • Demand Planning
  • Manage the statistical forecast engine in terms of set up and maintenance of key parameters and forecast algorithms
  • Lead initiatives to improve the accuracy of the statistical forecast
  • Collaborate with the sales company teams to develop standard promotion uplifts andapply these in the demand planning process
  • Work with sales companies to get timely inputs on promotions, competitor developments and other business intelligence to include them in their demand plans
  • Collaborate with the regional product line team, and the sales company teams, to improve the phase in / phase out process
  • Collaborate with the sales company teams to develop standard curves for phase out / phase in products and apply these in the demand planning process
  • Support the business with providing high and medium level sales forecasts in volume/value for S&OP and other business reviews
  • Drive or support local, regional or global projects to improve the demand planning performance
    S&OP (Sales and operation planning)
  • Support the S&OP process across the various sales companies and clusters
    Initiate and support initiatives to improve the performance of the demand review processes
  • Develop and generate business intelligence to support a demand review process that delivers maximum value to the company
  • Pro-actively collaborate with supply chain colleagues, other departments and senior management to clarify and align on management objectives, to share and absorb information about business developments and performance and to highlight and address issues and opportunities
  • Identify and manage risk within the supply chain. Highlight and address unethical/unlawful practices
  • Use given key performance indicators (local, regional, global), monitor and report ongoing performance and improve performance against set goals
  • Stay informed of advances in supply chain technology, methodologies and best practices and apply within the organization to improve supply chain processes and business performance in general

    Reporting to
    Operationally: Planning Manager – APAC & MEA
    Functionally: Planning Manager – APAC & MEA

    Key interfaces
    Internal: Sales Company Supply Chain Managers, Sales Company Planners, Sector Supply Chain Management Team, Internal IT Resources
    External: DSX Support Team

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