Product Development Leader
Full Time


To be technical responsible in the project reporting to the Project Manager. Leading a team of engineers to develop innovative products and technical solutions with the right cost and quality in projects within New Product Development (NPD) organization of HC&SDA


 This role carries many years of experience from previous projects and works also as a mentor for newer colleagues creating new experienced Technical project leaders for the future.


The role includes bringing the technical specification based on consumer needs from Marketing/TAM and to combine that with the industrial design needs into a cost efficient product easy to produce and with the right quality. To do this the Technical project manager needs to cooperate closely with Project Manager, Tech & Lab, IDC, Marketing, Tooling Team and other project functions.


As a Technical project manager or Development expert – your main responsibilities are:

Plan and follow up on engineering activities. (Time and resource plans, product cost, action plans, system description etc.)

Report progress, risks and deviation from project plan to the Project Manager. Report progress, risks and deviation from project plan to the Project Manager.

Assure that technically feasible, well-verified and defined solutions are chosen for the product.(Selected solutions must be based on cross-functional input (IDC, Marketing, Sourcing, Production,etc.))

Assure that appropriate activities are performed according to PMF gate.

Lead, plan and delegate the engineering work within the engineering project team.

Creation of technical documentation (Team Center, 3D/2D/specifications, etc.) and make sure that these are updated and available for other functions.

Take part in creation of test plans made by Tech & Lab.

Evaluate test results and identify, plan and implement actions to fulfill specifications.

Place external orders such as prototypes etc. after approval from Project Manager or concerned cost center owner.

Check and certify invoices.

Order over-time after approval from Engineering Manager.

Approve technical documentation and archive them in correct way.

Support Marketing, IDC, Production/supplier, Tech & Lab, Sourcing, Tooling Team, Quality and other functions involved in the project with product know-how.



Bachelor degree in Engineering

Experience with developing consumer goods.

Around 10 years engineering experience.

Excellent knowledge of product development standards and processes.

CAD knowledge

Interpersonal skills

Deciding and initiating action.

Relating and networking.


Delivering result and meeting customer expectations.

Coping with pressure and setbacks.

Persuading and influencing.

Applying expertise and technology.

Working with people


Required languages:

Fluent English skills in both spoken and written