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Company Introduction


Electrolux is the world’s leading supplier of consumer durables for indoor and outdoor use. Our operations are global. We sell over 55 millions consumer products annually in more than 150 countries, with the annual sales turnover of 16 billion USD in 2010. Electrolux also sells professional products for indoor and outdoor use throughout the world.




A key member of the Electrolux Asia Purchasing Team, Project Leader will report to Project Manager who is taking care of one or two product lines in GSO PMO. The role of Project Leader is to:


• Manage new projects by following GSO procedure, global OEM PD process and EPM methodology.

• Ensure project on time delivery for his / her responsible projects.

• Ensure good communication internally and externally.

• Manage the potential risk proactively.

• Lead projects that have been identified by marketing or Global Product Councils, for Finished Goods sourced by Electrolux from the Asia Pacific region.

• Implement purchasing strategy which has been developed by sourcing director.

• Needs to work with supplier to provide smooth supply chain management while projects and minimize delays in projects, to support the Global Sales Markets and Product Line organizations to ensure the procurement of cost-effective and quality products, and their efficient introduction into the market-place.

• Support other GSO and internal customer market functions regarding technical aspects of product selection, development, qualification and improvement.




• Manage the projects for their responsible regions horizontally.

• Submit the weekly and monthly projects status summary.

• Drive the implementation of Group Purchasing strategies for Finished Goods purchasing within the Asia Pacific region;

• To periodically review and evaluate the new or current Product Lines to ensure compliance with the developing needs of the • Sales Markets and Product Line organizations;

• Maintain New Project development tracker and work with supplier on detail new product progress.

• Continue the identification & evaluation of potential alternative suppliers within the Asia Pacific region;

• To ensure regular assessments of suppliers' quality, supply chain reliability and financial capabilities are carried out. Whilst also taking a proactive approach to driving supplier improvement initiatives, particularly regarding Supply Chain and total Quality;

• To actively participate in Finished Goods product development projects;

• To ensure consistent compliance of Purchasing procedures for Finished Goods with established Group Purchasing procedures;

• Manage multiple projects simultaneously interfacing through cross-discipline teams involving suppliers, purchasing, marketing, R&D, quality, manufacturing and safety.

• Provide design engineering support consisting of component and sub-system redesign of OEM products. Resolve problems, meet deadlines, and handle fast-paced critical work environments. Generate ideas that reduce cost.

• Work with suppliers on process design and control to ensure quality product.

• Organize and follow up testing plan for components / Finished Goods. A hands-on approach is a must to fully understand project scope.




• As a minimum, Bachelor degree in Engineering, minimum 4 years experience (Appliance industry is a plus)

• Personal computer skills including Microsoft Excel, Word and Power Point

• Technical knowledge in order to develop and perform testing plans

• Project Management Skills

• Expertise in manufacturing processes and the cost drivers associated with them.

• Product and / or Process Quality knowledge an advantage.

• Effectively and tactfully communicate verbally and in writing to sell ideas and strategies

• Strong character with good interpersonal skills to work in a multinational and cross functional team, and be capable of driving change;

• Strong communication skills, in order to assume a highly visible interface role vis-à-vis internal and external business partners;

• Strong negotiation and persuasion skills; outstanding team playing skills;

• Capable to handle act hot project identify by marketing or purchasing council.

• Knowledge of Supply Chain, manufacturing operation and Quality systems, with the ability to support and effect change within those fields, an asset;

• A person who has the ability to effect change, with a bias for action and the fortitude to challenge the status quo with a results-oriented sense of urgency;

• Strong organizational skills, which ensure that ideas are converted into deliverable projects and tasks, within agreed time and budget parameters;

• Energetic, creative, mature, flexible; He should be willing to station in manufacturing environment.

• Chinese and English language skills are a must; other Chinese languages are a plus.





• Strong written & spoken English and Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese