Project Sales Manager
Full Time

Business Unit - Sales

Reports To – Senior Sales Manager, Kitchen and Project Sales Development


Your Role

Perform sales activities of residential washer/dryer units and built-in products such as refrigerators, dish washers and cooking equipment to existing dealers that are the main clients as well as developers, architectural design offices and general contractors by cooperating with the Sales Manager, and supply products to end users living in luxury condominiums and detached houses. Newly establish clients and distribution routes.




A Typical Day


·         Perform proposal-based sales by utilizing negotiating skills, experience and knowledge to analyze information and market.

·         Make efforts to further increase the degree of satisfaction of customers and to raise stable results by working with superiors and departments related to operations through complete self-management, constant awareness of problems and clear decision making skills.

·         Exert high communication skills to coordinate with outside clients, end users and staff members of departments related to operations to achieve sales results for maintaining and expanding the Operations Department.



·         商談能力と経験、知識を生かして業界、製品、競合他社の情報や市場の分析をもとに提案型営業を行う。

·         徹底した自己管理を行い、常に問題意識と明確な判断能力を維持しながら上司や事業部内の関係部署と連携をとり、顧客の満足度を更に高めるように努力し安定的に成果を上げる。

·         高いコミュニケーション能力を発揮し、外部得意先やエンドユーザー及び事業部内の関連部署のスタッフ達と連携をとり、営業の成果を達成することによって事業部の維持と拡大に貢献する。


Additional responsibilities outside of standard job responsibilities:

·         製品の購入・設置・使用に関するコンサルティングおよびトラブルシューティング




Who You Are


High-school, technical school or college graduate



- Must be familiar with computers and creating presentation materials.

- Must have knowledge in the market and industry concerning home electric appliances of Japan as well as distribution routes and end users.





At least 3 years of experience in sales and general knowledge concerning home electric appliances.




Self-management skills

High communication skills

English Communication skills








Keeping you Healthy and Safe


We want you to return home in even better shape than when you started, so we need you to help us do this by making sure you follow a few simple steps. We need you to:


·        Make sure you take reasonable care for your own health and safety, and

·        Take reasonable care that what you do (or what you don’t do when you should have) doesn’t affect the health and safety of others, and

·        Follow reasonable instructions that we might give from time-to-time, such as reporting incidents and hazards, and

·        Follow policies or procedures, so long as it’s reasonable and we’ve told you about it, and

·        Attend training that helps you to work safely




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