Quality Category Engineer
Full Time
Casula, New South Wales

The Business Area APAC & MEA Quality PL Category Engineer - Food Preservation is a key position for Electrolux Major Appliances within APAC & MEA as the business grows.

The position is responsible for leading all products category both OEM and Internal products quality improvement activities in APAC & MEA and for engaging all associated departments to actively drive and participate in all required activities related to achieve the necessary improvement in Quality.  The ambition is to enable all individuals in the company to contribute to improve Quality as experienced by our consumers.

Basically 2 main jobs

-        Support business running by immediate resolving of the day to day quality related issues that impacting Sales

-        Implementation of Continuous improvement activities to achieve target of related quality KPIs. 


This position is responsible to lead disciplined process application across APAC & MEA, and quality governance and competence in all Product Development projects, using the “red flags” tool if necessary. It is also responsible to ensure constant review of validation of test protocols (robustness, consumer expectations), aiming to promote and facilitate introduction of New Products with lower SCR and better Consumer experience.

The activity will require a strict coordination between the Sector Quality Improvement requirements with Owner Ship Solution team and the Sector Functions of R&D, Industrial Operations, Purchasing, Product Lines. Coordination will also be required with the Global and Sector Quality improvement programs.

The location for this position is APAC or MEA and you should expect to travel with medium to high intensity within APAC + MEA.

This position is also in support for other similar activities required for other Product Lines other than Food Preservation.

Key Operational Responsibilities

·        Implementation of the Quality Continuous Improvement program ensuring achievement of defined product quality, product safety, sustainability and related cost structure objectives in Major Appliances Asia Pacific and Middle East and South Africa. 

·        Implementation of the strategic direction on prevention of failure, lesson learn and continuous improvement program from the Global and Sector Quality teams.

·        To Identify and report deviations from Quality standards and consumer expectations by using internal Analysis tools (Instaedge, QES) and by working with the Owner Ship Solution team, the GSO and directly with customers and consumers where required.

·        To drive continuous improvement and attain the defined product quality objectives (SCRlq, SCR Distractor reduction and elimination, Consumer Star Rating, % Warranty Costs vs Net Sales, NRFT) within APAC + MEA.

·        In relation to New Product Introduction, ensure constant review of lessons from the validation of test protocols, through the Check Point process. Ensure test protocols related to Product reliability and feedback from Consumers Institute ratings, are used to set project targets for SCR and Consumer Star ratings where appropriate.

·        When necessary, support Sector team members requiring “veto” right for significant non-compliance Quality requirements, ensuring application of a defined escalation process.

·        Prepare periodic quality reports to represent the quality situation of each sales company and for the APAC + MEA sector as a whole. Working with Owner ship solution to collect and present Quality data to assist countries, engineering, purchasing, GSO & manufacturing to achieve target improvement and track improvement progress.

·        Ensure fulfillment of Product Safety requirements and follow up.

·        Ensure fulfillment of Sustainability targets (RML, ROHS, and REACH).  

·        Partner with other Sector Functions, especially Owner ship solution, R&D, Purchasing, Industrial Operations PL VPs and GSO.

·        Implement the tools and methodologies to eliminate root causes for product quality using various methods (Pareto top priority issues, 8D, Fish bone diagram, Pokayoke and FMEA) and achieve the Business objectives.

·        Promote and facilitate best practice for Quality Continuous Improvement activities, contributing to the creation and improvement of internal standards, educational materials, visual evidence, summary materials referring to technically proofed solutions and team working practices.

·        Create a positive working environment that encourages creative thinking and intelligent risk taking.

·        Cooperating with both Electrolux manufacturing and product from outside internal manufacturing for smooth control of product quality.

Minimum Qualification

The incumbent will have a strong drive, ambition to deliver, and great learning ability to encompass daily and strategic challenges and very strong leadership and influencing skills. Ability to communicate actions required and deliver the intended results. The following personal specifications are also required:

·        Demonstrated leadership capability in communicating and influencing others, stakeholder management, being a change leader and driving project success individually and through teams.

·        Bachelor’s Degree in engineering or related field with at least 5 years minimum experience in cross-functional activities related to products and their manufacturing processes, where continuous improvement is the key focus.

·        Detail oriented and analytical with a proven record of success leading product projects and activities, achieving long-term continuous improvement.

·        Experience with and commitment to Quality concepts and processes.

·        Strong knowledge of Lean Tools / Six Sigma is preferred 

·        Quality tool knowledge 8D, FMEA, SPC, Pokayoke process improvement oriented.

·        A high sense of urgency with the ability to make and implement tough and timely decisions with a focus on results

·        Characterized by integrity and high professional standards.

·        Good oral and written knowledge of English is essential.

·        Computer skills with a high competence level in Microsoft Office Suite including Excel, Word, Access etc.



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