Research and Advanced Development Manager
Full Time
Stockholm, Sweden

 Global R&D Air Care Manager


Global R&D Air Care is looking for a Manager who will be responsible to develop new products/modules/systems by generation, evaluation, analysis and development of design concepts. Chosen candidate will work in an international and multicultural environment in a cross-functional team and have the opportunity to grow in this environment. She/he will be responsible for the complete chain of development process from idea generation to solution validation and launching new products in mass production.

Key operational responsibilities
• Develop technical solutions of a project to include initial scoping, design concept generation, functional prototyping, design validation, manufacturing validation, and development of value engineering plans through product launch.
• Follow a standard engineering workflow, with milestones, and specific deliverables to be complimented with an innovative, continuous improvement spirit and obsession for exceeding customer expectations.
• Investigate and prescribe optimized materials and manufacturing Look beyond current material and manufacturing standards, and integrate outside industry best practices and manufacturing innovation into the development.
• Apply critical thinking to understand depth of design and to predict why, when, and how designs fail.
• Lead collaborative sessions within and outside technical domain to gather information and vet technical opportunities, consumer needs, and optimized design.
• Generate novel technical innovation that can be used to gain competitive advantage
• Run cost out activities together with should cost analysis and benchmark activities
• Analyze SCR and run quality improvement activities,

Reporting to

Head of Global R&D Air Care

Competencies needed
Master’s Degree (MS) (PhD will be preferred)  in Mechanical Engineering in Thermo-dynamics and heat transfer with a minimum of +10 year experience in developing Residential Air Conditioner (RAC) is required.

- Proficient with new project development activities; design concept generation and decision making, design reviews, prototype building and evaluation, DFMEA, tolerance analysis, design of experiments, process capability, design verification, milestone schedule management, and line trial activities
- Strong understanding of engineering principles, developing mechanical models, interpreting test data, and model simulation and validation.
- Ability to use CAD programmer (CATIA Preferred)
- Ability to use CAE tools (ANSYS, Fluent, Heat Exchanger simulation programme)
- Strong experience on cost out activities together with competitor analysis through benchmark activities
- Ability to run Statistical, DOE, optimization and quality tools
- Experienced on Global Standard, regulations and product liability related with RAC
- Experienced on development of LCAC( Light Commercial Air Conditioner) product (Preferred)
• Team player. In this role cross-functional collaboration is everything, so you should be comfortable in dealing with people with different backgrounds and responsibility;
• Good listener and communicator. You will become the spider in the web and work with other Electrolux offices around the world on a daily basis – therefore these attributes are key for making projects run smoothly;
• Proactive. You are keen for new experience, responsibility and accountability. You are self-driven, results-oriented with a positive outlook;
• Adaptive. You like challenges and you are flexible to adapt to new situations and contexts;
• Creative. You like to explore new ways of thinking and you are oriented towards innovation.
• Theoretical. You enjoy knowing all the details of the subject you are working on, understanding really well the fundamentals and terminologies.
• Fluent knowledge of English (written and spoken)
Seniority Levels
Required languages
Sector description
Electrolux has been in the process of growing Home Comfort business globally over the last five years. Already market leader in US and Brazil in this area and very powerful on sales in South East Asia and also Middle East. To date, sales have been mainly generated from a shorter term business model, with design and manufacturing outsourced. Further growth of this business requires longer term technology and product planning. In that sense, the role and responsibilities of Advanced Development is to bring more innovative technologies and products to the market on time in order to keep momentum on growth of our business. The Global organization takes full advantage of Electrolux to reach global collaboration across R&D

Contact person: Hellen Isayas
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