Retail & Shopper Marketing Manager
Full Time
Shanghai, China

Your Role


At Electrolux, we are passionate about improving everyday life for millions of people and the planet. It’s embodied in everything we do. We believe that great tasting food brings people together. That our favorite clothes bring out the best in us. And that healthy homes are places we thrive in. The mission of the Retail and Shopper Marketing Manager is to deliver simply outstanding shopper experiences to drive sell out.


As Retail and Shopper Marketing Manager you will be responsible for bringing Taste, Care, and Wellbeing experiences to life on the shop-floor in a way that is exciting and engaging for the consumers and drives profitable sell out for Electrolux and our preferred partners. You will be creating and aligning on yearly activities plans, managing budgets, working with trade partner on implementation and evaluating results. In your daily work you will be supported by the team reporting directly to you as well as guided by regional team.



A Typical Day




§  You will be responsible for developing compelling retail strategy for your country to drive outstanding consumer in-store experiences and support reaching company business goals;

§  You will be expected to translate this strategy into yearly plan per Key Account, corresponding with country business priorities and product launches, selecting optimal activities mix to drive ROI (return on investment). Defining 360 sell out supporting packages per key retailer and store format (A/B/C) is part of that task.

§  You need to be able to align on the plan with main stakeholders within the company including sales and product line colleagues as well as regional (Business Area) team;

§  You will be actively working with our Trade Partners, presenting our plans and agreeing on joint ones, discussing implementation and negotiating conditions.

§  As the budget owner you will be expected to manage it in professional manner, closely monitoring investments, analyzing returns on investments, making improvements proposals and reacting to evolving business needs;

§  You will be responsible for driving sell-out based on the data by channel





§  You will be responsible for creating yearly consumer promotions plan;

§  You will be expected to propose best working mechanics of promotions and align on the timings and targets with sales and product lines colleagues;

§  You will be briefing 360 Marketing team responsible for development of proper messaging, visuals, in-store and online promo materials;

§  Your will need to ensure that promotions are properly executed in stores. In this task you will be supported by TMO (Trade Marketing Operations) Specialist being part of your team.

§  Post promo analysis and recommendations will be part of your daily job.




§  Bringing to life our brand stories and ensuring implementation of regional retail guidelines, campaigns and materials is key element of this role. You will be working closely with BA (Business Area) Team to integrate those in your plan and align on new locally developed concepts;

§  Your task will be to ensure that all displays, POSMs and other communication materials are produced and deployed in the stores on time and according to the guidelines. You will be supported in that task by TMO (Trade Marketing Operations) Specialist being part of your team. As a manager you will be expected to set proper KPIs and overlook implementation until completion.




§  Shop floor assistants and brand promoters in stores interact with our consumers on the daily basis. Therefore, ensuring proper knowledge level in those groups, good understanding of our brand stories and product benefits, is key success factor to drive outstanding consumer experiences in stores.

§  In your role you will be managing Trainer. Your task will be to ensure that all important messages are included in training decks and training plans reflect business priorities and product launches.

§  You will be expected to set KPIs and monitor completion, coach and develop your team.





·         We want you to work closely with all the functions within the company at each level and be active member or Retail and Shopper Community in our region. You will be expected to share your ideas and best cases as well as actively learn from others.


From time to time, you will be tasked to oversee the completion of a project or be given temporary additional role/s to stretch your capabilities for growth and development within Electrolux.


In this role, you will be dealing with Electrolux’ internal and external customers. You should also be confident in dealing with leaders both from a country level and region perspective.


In Electrolux, we encourage open communication at all levels and put emphasis on dealing with our customers as well as colleagues with integrity and respect. You will be working in (city, country) office on regular working hours and may be required to travel both domestic and international.


Who You Are


For you to succeed in this role, you should be:



Expert- You not only know your area of expertise, you’re passionate about delivering simply outstanding consumer experiences.


Energetic  Your enthusiasm is infectious, inspires, and engages your colleagues and collaborators to achieve, deliver, be accountable and own their work. You will also have the passion essential to delivering results in both the short and long term. 


Team player - In this role, cross-functional collaboration is crucial, so you should be comfortable in dealing with people with different backgrounds and responsibility;


Agile– you work with urgency, analyzing and adapting to different situations, quickly understanding changes and reacting confidently and decisively;


Open  You keep the consumer and customer front of mind, bringing an outside-in perspective, encouraging cross-collaboration, leveraging diversity and encouraging open feedback;


§  You should have university degree in marketing or related field;

§  Fluent in English (oral and written);



§  At least 5 years of experience in marketing;

§  People management.

§  Strong communication and influence skills


Keeping you Healthy and Safe


We want you to return home in even better shape than when you started, so we need you to help us do this by making sure you follow a few simple steps. We need you to:


§  Make sure you take reasonable care for your own health and safety, and

§  Take reasonable care that what you do (or what you don’t do when you should have) doesn’t affect the health and safety of others, and

§  Follow reasonable instructions that we might give from time-to-time, such as reporting incidents and hazards, and

§  Follow policies or procedures, so long as it’s reasonable and we’ve told you about it, and

§  Attend training that helps you to work safely


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