Sales Order Process Supervisor
Supply Chain
Full Time

Your Role

Responsible for implementation of New ERP Implementation in Supply Chain Function (SAP Migration) assigned in Logistic Cost Analysis & OTM, Day to Day Transport Processing, maintain and key person in charge for 3PL Performance
Ensure project is implemented as per targeted timeline and expected quality in adherence to global project standards.
Logistic KPI tracking and Comprehensive Data Management in Supply chain for decision making

A Typical Day

Develop New ERP Implementation LCV

  • Contribute to global project design, timeline construction and fulfillment of required resources.
  • Monitor implementation of tasks and availability of resources, provide strong alerts for issues requiring actions/decisions.
  • Proactively identify and anticipate issues as well as provide proposal for solutions.
  • Actively contribute in competency development practice at all level, providing training and support/solutions for new ERP
  • Actively participate in change management process to support the global Eluxone organization objectives.
  • Set up business process based on the ERP implementation design

 Implement Day to Day Distribution Process for 3 DC

  • Engage operational team at 3PL and Sales team on preparation of all required resources to implement 99% Service level
  • Monitor implementation KPIs and ensure completion of required tasks done in time at quality expected.
  • Reach 3.5% Logitic Cost on every DC by coordinating Monthly cost control together with 3PL
  • POD collection DC Jakarta, DC Surabaya, DC Medan, DC Manado to Unit fill rate achieve 95%
  • Proactively anticipate and alert for issues as well as engage people to work on solutions.

Drive Cross-functional Effectiveness

  • At operational level, engage stakeholders for implementation of actions to ensure attainment of project KPIs, at all time in line with global project objectives
  • Anticipate conflicts, effectively communicate issues and resolve misinterpretation/frictions. Alert N+1 and/or relevant people for identified bottlenecks.

Data Management & Reporting

  • Ensure reports are produced in time at expected quality. Be responsible of accuracy and reliability of reports.Alert relevant stakeholders for issues putting information and its reliability at

Who You Are

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business or other relevant disciplines
  • Experience in product management and marketing
  • Strong communication ability (both written and spoken)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate with stakeholders across functions

Core Competencies

  • Both reactive and proactive, you work efficiently and flexibly to deliver results.
  • With an eye for detail and the ability to interpret complex data, you can also translate this into meaningful, useful information that informs decision-making.
  • You build trust, good working relationships and communicate effectively with your colleagues and across functions. You can manage changing priorities with ease.
  • You keep the consumer and customer front of mind, bringing an outside-in perspective to encouraging cross-collaboration, utilising diversity and encouraging open feedback.
  • You can manage changing priorities with ease.


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