SCR Quality Engineer
Full Time


Participate on the multidisciplinary team for corrective and preventive actions implementation to continuously reduce Service Call rate index.


  • Act as liaison between the design engineering (CTC) and the manufacturing engineering in the facility to launch and implement initiatives and / or projects focused on SCR improvements
  • General knowledge of SCR systems like QES, Service Bench and TID
  • Coordinate and support Quality gates implementation for SCR main contributors
  • Coordinate reliability testing methods
  • Lead SCR  Improvement teams based on data identifying good or bad trends to prioritize projects
  • Work directly with manufacturing, engineering and quality management in a team environment for problem solving,  buy-in and support of new initiatives
  • Complete SCR reports and analysis 
  • Work using the principles of Perfection, Progress, Pull Together, Positive attitude.
  • Everything concerning about ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.

Minimum Qualification


  • Bachelor degree in Mechanical, Electronic or Electrical Engineering
  • Bilingual 85% English / Spanish
  • Minimum 3 years process and/or quality engineering 
  • Good problem solving skills and use of Root Cause analysis tools.
  • Ability to develop and track Statistical Process Control charts.  Quality and/or Statistics background also a plus.
  • Experienced with Office Software packages including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Ability to summarize and present project status/update reports on key projects
  • Significant experience in cross-functional manufacturing processes and thorough understanding of lean manufacturing principles. 
  • Supports manufacturing and quality when issues arise with the refrigeration, testing, agency and electrical systems.
  • Excellent communication skills and unique ability to provide direction of technical and complex issues to non-technical personnel in a manner that is fully understood and supported.
  • Track record of successfully completing projects on time and within budget required. 
  • Basic ISO-9001 training.
  • Self proficient managing Excel Microsoft Software.


  • Frequent exposure to office and manufacturing. ​​