Senior Cost Accountant
Full Time



Provide support to cost accounting department thru perform daily activities such as perform charts, reports, monitor expenses by cost center, monitor changes, analyzing cost & efficiency of our process, prepare accruals and enter JE during month close process while ensuring compliance with company policies, legal and statutory. Support during forecast and budget monthly and annual processes and compute variable savings projects on weekly basis.


·         Review of BOM’s and Standards and related reports and support activities :

o   Analysis of tact times

o   Analysis and audit of labor routings

o   Tracking production efficiency %’s

o   Feed roll up for new raw materials and FG during fiscal year

o   Filling and monitoring engineering changes

o   Review BOM structure and levels

o   Feed overhead rates table on JDE

o   Product Total Cost analysis

o   Responsible for preparing annual standards roll up and related analysis

o   ACE book keeper for material projects

·         Financial support to other departments.

·         Comply with ISO 9001 and 14001 requirements related to this position

·         Book keeper of ECS and MA&SA regulations at plant level

·         Capture any required material accrual for PLA and REF plants due month close periods

·         Models & Items without cost standard report

·         Review & approve PPRF's

·         OMV transactions review

·         Forecast PPV & OMV

·         Forecast Absorption

·         OTM Report

·         Send to Focus STKs New Models

·         ELUX Shipping units and SKU Detail of units produced

·         PPV & OMV Final report

·         Review with Materials negative locations

·         Run on hand inventory

·         Requisitions review as need it and as back up

·         Review plastics inventory transactions

·         Review foam inventory transactions

·         Review steel inventory transactions

·         Review OMV: Tape, Acrylic, Coils

·         Prepare AOID for OMV reviews for Plant Manager and CLT staff

·         Prepare JE Freight to PPV

·         Prepare Juarez Hours: CLT staff (i.e. Steven Bonfiglio, Angela M Hart,)

·         Prepare JE New standards CLT staff (i.e. Stephen Lashower)

·         Prepare JE COGS

·         Master report analysis

·         Run payroll reports for REF and PLA plants

·         Prepare United Way monthly accrual for Juarez campus (and email wire transfer detail to Enedina Escarcega)

·         Post monthly JDE batches for inventory revaluation

·         Run and prepare Inventory On hand reports for REF and PLA plants

·         Run and prepare movement type Inventory reports without post for REF and PLA plants

·         Prepare JE Ocean Freight accrual

·         Prepare JE for Plastics Depreciation Absorption

·         Prepare JE (IC’s) reclassification Sales “REF Commercial ELUX” to Fabric Care (IC’s)

·         Prepare Sales tie JE       

·         Analysis for raw/wip inventory (CARDEX vs ledger)

·         Prepare monthly produce and shipments units report by SKU Detail

·         Run and download PPV-OMV reports and keep it updated

·         Run and download raw good receipts reports

·         Prepare Rebates accrual JE, SIGMATRON and AP accrual (when applies)

·         Upload Accrual Freight report

·         Upload monthly produce units by platform (volume)

·         Prepare Extraordinary Items SVA for REF & PLA

·         Updated hours FTE_ YTD report

·         Prepare and submit OTM file

·         Updated raw inventory adjustments report for Customs dept. (REF and PLA plants)

·         Updated monthly commentary files for PPV OMV REF & PLA vs FCST, and REF & PLA vs YOY & OPS

·         Updated weekly and monthly DPLOY metrics

Minimum Qualification


  • BBA Finance
  • Accounting; Bus Admin. Required;
  • Preferred, CPA or CPA equivalent
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in cost accounting in “maquiladora” setting. Up to 7 years preferred.
  • Minimum 95% bilingual in Spanish and English (verbal and written).


  • Knowledge & experience in using Microsoft office; primarily excel. Advance excel is a plus
  • Basic knowledge on costing methods (ABC), as well as manufacturing environment and raw/wip inventory controls systems (FIFO, Kanban) and working knowledge of general ledger
  • Language Skills:  85-95% bilingual in Spanish and English (verbal and written)                                            
  • Thorough understanding of inventory control practices tie with costing methodology.
  • Basic knowledge in establishment of departmental costing and budgeting activities and routine reporting processes.
  • Working knowledge of large enterprise computer system (e.g. JD Edwards, SAP, Oracle)
  • Teamwork, problem solving and analytical skills required.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Major Finance or Business Administration
  • Previous Experience: 5+ years (up to 7 years preferred) of experience in cost accounting in a manufacturing environment  


While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to use hands to operate computer keyboard and telephone.  The employee frequently is required to walk on production floor.  Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, and ability to adjust focus.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.


·         Frequent exposure to industrial production environment. Walking through extensive areas within the production environment.


While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to communicate internally between all plant departments cross functionally as well as campus shared services departments, also during finance closing periods is necessary to communicate with several NA plants (due inter-company transactions) including Charlotte corporate offices; and randomly with vendors to support AP issues or to expedite payments to Poland AP department.


It is the employee's responsibility to work safely, hygienically and in an environmentally responsible manner; focused but not limited to the prevention of incidents and accidents in your work area, section and your colleagues. Reinforcing the hygiene and safety measures indicated, as well as their participation in the company's environmental and safety programs, such as but not limited to:

·         The segregation of materials; The environmental certifications; and the safety health programs that are carried out and in the way that your participation is determined or requested

·         On regards  the authority, all employees have the authority to stop processes, operations or activities that present a risk in terms of safety, hygiene and the environment, and that could result in an accident or serious event, as well as impact on the environment.

·         Given the sensitivity of a decision of this type on regards the affectation that it represents, it is requested and recommended to have an objective and common sense justification.