Senior Design & Development Engineer
Full Time

Your Role

Drive the design of product/module architectures and related technologies in line with the generation plan. Also develop innovative products and production methods by covering different activities from theoretical to experimental analysis, prototype creation in workshop, performance testing, and concept verification.

A Typical Day

  • Technical Feasibility Study for The Projects with inputs in Business feasibility study.
  • Design creation and release of (mechanical) structural components within time frame, cost target, quality level, and process constrains.
  • Create, Verify and validate new (mechanical) components / system taking care of its design and development (technical specification, functionality, reliability, manufacturability, safety …).
  • Identify and support standardization by ensuring that new development fit into the platform and subsystem structure.
  • Discuss the manufacturing process for product and component development with PD Team to ensure clear direction and understanding of the desired end result.
  • Ensure that all engineering requirements and modifications are represented on the engineering drawings.
  • Preparing and maintaining product files ( EBOM, Drawings , Specs, Test Specs ..) on PLM system
  • (Team Center).
  • Project coordinator for product development projects according to CP Deliverables, Ensuring that project timing, investments, cost, quality and performance are delivered according to specification.
  • Supply all technical input for product literature, labels, technical manuals, etc.
  • Facilitate and co-ordinate DVT-MVT as per projects requirements.
  • Analysis of technical solutions with suppliers, product care and other involved functions.
  • Support the product care team in cost and quality improvement activities.
  • Participate and support the Technology Team in TRM Projects.
  • Part and product approval: understand technical tests results to take decision on design development and final approval for series production.
  • Ensure benchmarking of competitors products on: Technical / functional level & Cost Level


Who You Are

·        Strong knowledge in mechanical component, system development and design.

·        Strong structured and engineering approach during each development phase.

·        Solid Knowledge in mold & die design and the main manufacturing processes (metal forming, molding, welding, coating …).

·        Experience as technical project leader in mechanics environments.

·        Basic knowledge of approval and environmental rules in different countries.

·        Experience in Design for Assembling and Manufacturing.

·        Knowledge of laboratory equipment and test results evaluation

·        Strong Team work oriented person with high leadership skills

·        Contributes actively in team activities, sharing experience and ideas

·        Builds productive relationships within and outside of own team

·        Progressive analytical and systematic approach to problem solving.

·        Initiative and a proactive approach to daily tasks with long term planning capabilities

·        Methodical and accurate and consistent attention to detail.

·        Mastering robust design tools using (CAD, CAE, FMEA, DFMA, tolerances analysis etc.) to develop 2D, 3D CADs, prototypes.

·        Good Knowledge of Product life cycle management and PLM tools

·        continual involvement with other R&D departments, PL, Factories Managers, Technical departments across factories & Quality departments.

·        There are regular external contacts and communications with foreign partners, potential suppliers for prototype, packaging & required software and any other parties according to business needs.

·        strong relationship with all functions in the organization, to enhance the delivery of global targets.

·        Experience of  Project Management Methodologies

·        Fluent English both written and spoken

·        Good Knowledge of Product life cycle management and PLM tools


Keeping you Healthy and Safe

We want you to return home in even better shape than when you started, so we need you to help us do this by making sure you follow a few simple steps. We need you to:

·        Make sure you take reasonable care for your own health and safety, and

·        Take reasonable care that what you do (or what you don’t do when you should have) doesn’t affect the health and safety of others, and

·        Follow reasonable instructions that we might give from time-to-time, such as reporting incidents and hazards, and

·        Follow policies or procedures, so long as it’s reasonable and we’ve told you about it, and

·        Attend training that helps you to work safely

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