Senior Facility Manager - Property Management
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Stockholm, Sweden

Senior Facility Manager - Property Management 

At Electrolux we are on a journey to shape living for the better. By creating desirable solutions and great experiences that enrich people’s daily lives and the health of our planet, we want to be a driving force in defining enjoyable and sustainable living.

The Real Estate & Facility Management (RE & FM) team at Electrolux head-office in Stadshagen in Stockholm – a workplace for 1,500 persons - is responsible for delivering relevant workplace services and a healthy and nice office environment in a sustainable and cost-effective way. A well working office environment is a crucial prerequisite for our employees to be able to deliver at their best. The responsibility also covers site security and property asset management.

We are now recruiting a Senior Facility Manager with overall responsibility for the property management at the headquarters to our team. The role is offering a great opportunity to make a difference both to the employees & consultants at HQ, to the company’s business result as well as the environment. The environment is high paced and dynamic and will provide excellent opportunities to challenge your problem-solving capabilities.

A typical day

You come to the office, you touch base with your colleagues and align on the status in the ongoing projects. You make some phone calls and answer some emails. You go through your day and prepare for the meetings.

The first meeting is with a customer – a lab manager: One of the entities has presented a request to build a new lab. You have a first planning meeting to go through the request. You discuss different alternatives. You explain to her that the facility team will support her in the solution creation process, manage the supplier selection and procurement process, and will present a budget for the job – all jobs which include any changes in the property’s fixed installations go through you. 

The next meeting is with the property technician. He reports the status of all ongoing jobs and lifts open questions which need to be addressed. You go through the remarks from the latest audit. Discuss possible options and what next steps to take. 

The rest of the day you are busy with analysing the energy consumption report, you see an unexpected deviation and wonder if it is a reporting mistake or if the deviation is real. You initiate some complementary investigation and decide to bring it up with the property technician at the next meeting.  

Key operational responsibilities

Overall responsibility for the property, all technical installations, and building projects – both indoors and outdoors. In your team, you have one property technician (50%) reporting to you.

• Operationally responsible for all on-site property services, maintenance and repair (e.g. VVS, electrical installations, machinery & equipment).
• Responsible for providing a healthy and sustainable physical work environment.
• Overall responsible for all construction projects on site property, including “hot works” policies & procedures, work environment coordination, compliance with rules & regulations etc.
• Property development and maintenance: Make investment plans with the aim to maximise the yield for the owners and the value for Electrolux as a tenant.
• Ensure strong sustainability focus to make sure we deliver on the Group sustainability targets to reduce the energy consumption and provide a physical work environment in line with our high sustainability standards.
• Ensure compliance with Swedish law and legislation, within the area of responsibility.
• Budget responsibility.

Who you are
• Collaborative – You build networks and trust, good working relationships and apply your influence to shaping change.  
• Agile – Both reactive and proactive, you work efficiently and flexibly to deliver results.
• Ambitious – You always strive for better, in your work and for your future.
• Communicative – Whether face-to-face or on the phone, you can communicate plans and articulate your ideas with colleagues and customers at all levels.
• A completer – You start and you finish, taking responsibility for getting things done, on time and to high quality, tying up all the loose ends along the way. 
• Creative – You look at everything from every angle, distilling the core message and putting it together in a way that excites and delights.
• Energetic – Your enthusiasm is infectious and inspires and engages your colleagues and collaborators to achieve, deliver, be accountable and own their work. You’ll also have the stamina essential to delivering results in both the short and long term.
• Open – You are open to opportunity and can see the bigger picture, keeping colleagues front of mind as you embrace the opportunities that our diversity offers.
• Organized – You set the pace and the priorities, and then you bring a methodical approach to meeting your goals.
• Problem-solving
– You see a challenge as an opportunity.
Self-motivated – You are driven, focused on succeeding with attention to details.

Education & experience

• Bachelor degree in Finance or similar.
• Technical background, preferably within the field of property management.
• Skilled negotiator and at least 5 years proven successful experience of purchasing.
• Electrician competence.
• Skilled project leader and technical know-how.
• Experience from the construction sector is merit.
• Fluent in English and Swedish.

Contact person: Leila Söderström