Senior Innovation Expert, Sealed Refrigeration Systems
Full Time
Anderson, Sc


  • Responsible for leading design, development and simulations of sealed refrigeration systems across cold technology centers (Latin America, North America, Europe and South East Asia), including Top mount, Side by Side, Bottom Mount, Freezers and some commercial applications.
  • Provide technical leadership and support for the design, development and qualification of cooling system components and/or sub-assemblies relating to the Mechanical Refrigeration Sealed Systems group. Some component parts include compressors, condensers, evaporators, fans, valves and others.
  • Provide effective leadership of collaborative sessions within and outside refrigeration team to gather information and vet technical opportunities, consumer needs, and optimized designs.
  • Integrate refrigeration system components directed by technology domain and compressors teams. Contribute to a cross-functional team as required to support the development of future projects.
  • Play a key role in new product development, interacting closely with the physics and software development teams to transition product prototypes through all development stages into product release.
  • Coordinate activities concerned with technical developments, scheduling and resolving engineering design and test problems.
  • Interface with other departments on product compliance.
  • Coordinate engineering activities with other departments using project management software including change plans, engineering changes, performance/agency testing and trial runs.
  • Manage projects using project management tools (PMOBOK) and use tools associated with new project development activities; Stage gate development processes, DFMEA, Six Sigma, Design reviews, project planning, part tracking and milestone schedule management.
  • Support knowledge transfer to product care and manufacturing. Mentor other engineers on the refrigeration systems team.
  • Assist with standard regulation changes, by supporting the mechanical cooling systems for all domestic products.
  • Product certification for international markets.
  • Develop and initiate new product features and system performance.
  • Initiate and develop ideas based on thermal dynamic, heat transfer, fluid dynamics and airflow mechanics studies that result in system and product performance improvements.
  • Evaluate and recommend improvements to existing components and products.
  • Benchmark evaluation of competitor’s appliances and solutions.
  • Support the Advanced Food Preservation Team to develop and improve the Electrolux cooling system energy simulation tool. Perform computational algorithm development to create VBA routines for Microsoft Excel macros and run cooling system simulation.
  • Utilize CHAD 2000 and ERA energy simulation tool to run simulation cases, collect and analyze results, carry out technical research, write-up analysis, present results and determine the best path forward.
  • Perform Finite Volumes Method into a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) simulation to optimize and improve geometries and solutions. Integrate CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) analysis with testing results to reach best in class solutions.
  • Responsible for validation studies that compare results of product simulation to experimental tests and other numerical results with a strength focus on cooling system and product performance.
  • Integrate customer needs in best in class products thru product development activities to create, design, develop and implement new features to improve customer experience.
  • Maintain and update road map of technologies.

Minimum Qualification


  • Candidate must have a Bachelor’s or foreign equivalent degree in Mechanical Engineering or related technical field with a minimum of 5 years related engineering experience in the home appliance industry; experience in Thermal dynamic and heat transfer, Mechanical Refrigeration Sealed Systems, Fluid dynamics and Airflow mechanics; experience in Microsoft Office, project management software and energy simulation tool (such as ERA or Chad 2000); experience in Finite Volumes Method and skill to work with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic).experience in computational algorithm development, Microsoft Excel macros programing and VBA language; experience in DFMEA, Six Sigma, Design reviews, project planning, part tracking and project management; experience in new product development activities to create, design, develop and implement new features for refrigeration group.

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