Senior Laboratory Engineer
Full Time
Charlotte, Nc


The primary duty is to lead the design of new dryer cycles to meet dry performance and energy efficiency targets while balancing the requirements of safety, regulatory compliance and reliability. The majority of work will be in the area of new product introduction but may also include cost reduction and quality initiatives.  The majority of the NA fabric care R&D team is located locally in Charlotte NC and a smaller group is in Europe.  The role requires learning the physics of tumble drying clothing and applying those principles to the development of new cycles. The role requires working closely with a global technical team to ensure all interactions with software, mechanical, and electrical components are integrated into the functional development.  A deep desire to learn, analyze data, apply engineering principles, and design creative solutions are essential to success.  Electrolux is looking for an open minded individual who takes ownership of assignments and works well within a team.


  • Development of dryer functionality to meet performance, energy, and regulatory targets
  • Coordination of testing and completion of test reports or lab journals
  • Create new test methods and procedures when necessary
  • Deliver technical specifications for functionality and algorithms
  • Provide ideas and plans to constantly improve dryer functionality
  • Develop residential dyer appliance cycles for new product introductions
  • Obtain a deep understanding of the key attributes of drying textiles
  • Develop laundry appliance cycle routines and features through software code
  • Develop product functionalities related to drying technologies and textiles
  • Apply statistical tools such as design of experiment methodology to optimize designs
  • Develop quality improvements to minimize service call rate
  • Deliver innovative proposals with potential for intellectual property
  • Ensure compliance with North America and International standards and legislations 
  • Complete data analysis and present findings to R&D team
  • Use consumer insights and feedback to make relevant design decisions
  • Benchmark and analyze other laundry appliance products
  • Develop competitive product claims via statistical methods that leverage technical design aspects

Minimum Qualification


  • BS in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, or relevant technical field
  • Minimum of  5 – 7 years of experience in new product development 
  • Experience in a laboratory setting or testing environment
  • Experience with phase-gate project launch process


  • Knowledge of laboratory equipment, data acquisitions system, testing procedures, and data analysis methods
  • Experience in JMP, MatLab, and Labview software
  • Experience in software programming
  • Knowledge of textile properties
  • General knowledge of appliance standards and regulations
  • Practical problem solving skills
  • Team oriented
  • Good communication skills
  • Creative & proactive
  • Willing to travel