Senior Refrigeration Engineer
Full Time
Hangzhou, China

Senior Refrigeration Engineer
Project on time/on cost (project cost & unit cost) delivery as R&D representative according to EPM process.
Reach operations target: Achieve ECI target for HC. Support SCR reduction/product care/ECN&ECR activity.
Am I leading a team (if so, what size) or am I contributing as a part of a larger team?

A Typical Day
What will the role involve – 3 main tasks that I will be responsible for?
Management role as R&D Internal PM for OTS, OTS+C, ODM Light Project (*OTS means off the shelf, +C means plus cycle development, ODM Light means original design manufacture but no chassis development)
Cycle engineer role: Responsible for All of activities relevant to Cycle design.
Any upcoming projects I will be a part of or leading?
Any new kick-offed project after aboard. Start from OTS / OTS+C or ODM Light.
What are the requirements of the role?
Management role as R&D Internal PM for OTS, OTS+C, ODM Light Project:
Work as the main Windows Person for communication with cross function team external.
Responsible for tasks allocation R&D internal.
Set and align project target/delivery with R&D team member.
Team member performance evaluation in Project.
Project management
EPM (*Electrolux project management) Gate update
Specification creation and update
Check points presentation
Technical scope definition
DVT/MVT follow up in supplier
Package test/analysis
Noise/vibration/air flow test/analysis
Cycle engineer role:
Responsible for All of activities relevant to Cycle design.
Align with R&D PM for delivery (for Architecture project *means include chassis development).
Communicate with Supplier Cycle Engineer in relevant activity.
On time delivery.
Cost out of cycle perspective;
Support quality improvement;
Cycle verification (Create test plan/ report checking/witness testing)
Cycle design/sizing
Cycle key components selection
Cycle key components Analysis
Cycle key components Verification
Cycle optimization (Help supplier solve technical problems regarding cycle)
DVT follow up in supplier
Control specification create/validate/optimization
Competition analysis (technically & DM costly), understand the latest technology update in the industry field.
Build, organize and maintain all technical knowledge databases pertaining to refrigeration system, so that the quality and efficiency of our designs are permanently improved
Which stakeholders will I be engaging with? Internal or external customers?
Internal: Product development engineers (Structure, Electrical HW&SW,IAQ), Project Management team, Sourcing team, QA team, Product category team, Function management team, Advanced R&D team.
External: suppliers
How will I interact with my stakeholders?
Update technical status of project and share to involved stakeholder (project manager, function manager, project team member, SC team)
Upload essential test data/report to server
Take meetings/communication with supplier/stakeholders via Phone/E-mail/Bluejeans/Microsoft teams/f2f meeting etc.
How flexible are the working hours?
a relative fixed working time from 8:30 – 17:00 normally,
flexible when meetings of different time zone too much or during business trip
Is travelling part of the job?
Yes, depends on project type/status. it’s more or less than a total 1 weeks in one months’ level.

Minimum Qualification

What type of personality do you want to attract?
Communicative, Open mind, easy-going, be interested in project management and related technique for refrigeration.
Which behaviors are going to be most important to succeed? Think core competences
Self-motivated: there always possible options when facing the problem, always chosen to motivated instead of negative.
Focus on the target
Be interested in project management and technique
Refer to ‘Who you are’ collection link for more info
What technical skills will be required?
Knows the basic thermodynamics heat transfer, refrigerants. Understands the heat pump cycle, testing methods, evaluating results, improve the cycle by adjusting basic parameters (capillary, refri., airflow). Understands the regulations and standards, understands the reliability and safety of cycle, Understanding and evaluating of cycle design patent.
Should know and take R&D R&R on development split AC projects. Can manage OTS projects and can be member of ODM projects. Knows the documentation, data management and other deliverables of projects. Have to be aware of product care improvement processes and projects.
Can manage cross functional projects within R&D and company. Have knowledge of risk assessment basics of PMP, resource management and can manage AD(scope: component or less complex projects) and ODM projects.
Any education I should have completed?
Bachelor or above in refrigeration area.
Should I have some prior experience?
3+ years of experience on AC refrigeration system design. 1+ years of experience in independently developing split air conditioner or portable air conditioner/dehumidifier.
Inverter technical developing experience is better
Good communication in English.
Good team work capability.

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