Service Engineer Manager Project Manager - CARE
Consumer & Customer Care
Full Time

• Coordinate and be part of Product Project Groups to deliver the actions need from Aftersales as (Ownership Solution) warranty coverage (align with countries), service ability, technical documentation, training campaigns. And assure bringing the field feedback to drive the quality and service improvements.
• Define and develop tools, equipment, procedures for products care in the field.
• Monitor the performance of products in the field and its interaction with the Consumer and Retailer, providing feedback to factories areas such as Quality, R & D, Design, Marketing, Manufacturing, etc., with information to support the solution of non-compliance and continuous products improvement.
• Recommend processes and procedures to audit the work orders issued by Service Providers, ensuring proper payment of the warranty and eliminating vulnerability to fraud.
• Liaising with Quality engineers, R&D, Product development , suppliers and other after-sales functions in driving the process in ensuring spare parts availability & continuity in conjunction with product phase-in / phase-out timing,
• Identifying other sources and / or alternative parts in facilitating common usage and reducing duplicated inventory holding of parts that are compatible,
• Product Technical documentation preparation process,

Minimum Qualification

• Bachelor Degree in Engineering or Business
• Experienced in Product Engineering, Aftersales or Quality
• Experienced in Project development management
• Background in Products knowledge
• Financial understanding
• Focused on Quality and Market orientation
• Have strong relationship and negotiation skills
• Proven success leading complex change initiatives
• Leadership and team development
• Drive to develop technology knowledge and application
• Holistic thinking and Strategic orientation
• Action oriented with a focus on results
• Integrity and trust
Keeping you Healthy and Safe
We want you to return home in even better shape than when you started, so we need you to help us do this by making sure you follow a few simple steps. We need you to:
• Make sure you take reasonable care for your own health and safety, and
• Take reasonable care that what you do (or what you don’t do when you should have) doesn’t affect the health and safety of others, and
• Follow reasonable instructions that we might give from time-to-time, such as reporting incidents and hazards, and
• Follow policies or procedures, so long as it’s reasonable and we’ve told you about it, and
• Attend training that helps you to work safely

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